The Story of How I Got My Pen Name

You may be wondering about how I got my pen name. Or maybe not. But still. When I started my first blog, I decided that I didn’t want to use my real name on the internet. So, with the help of one of my friends, I developed a pen name, or, if you prefer, a pseudonym: Sabrina Wolfheart.

Back then I thought it was a pretty awesome name. Okay, let me backtrack. When I was seven or eight years old, my friends and I would play pretend. Pretend vet clinic, pretend zoo, pretend pet school. Yeah, we were pretty crazy about animals. Well, we always picked fake names, and I loved the name Sabrina back then. The Wolfheart bit didn’t come about until later, but, because of my old affinity for Sabrina, it was the obvious choice for a first name. It, among other things, was reminiscent of my past, and I liked that.

–OKAY, quick story–

I’m big on clinging to the past. I just can’t seem to let go. When I moved from elementary school to middle school, it took me TWO YEARS to leave that school behind and just start enjoying middle school for what it was, wholeheartedly. It wasn’t as if I didn’t enjoy middle school before, but if it took me two years to adjust to middle school, then how am I supposed to let go of my favorite childhood name? You know what, I’ll just get back to the topic.

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Now the Wolfheart bit–my favorite animal is a wolf. Technically, it would be a dog, but I don’t really think they’re fierce enough. Even if they look scary and growly and all that, they have a soft spot for someone. But wolves, they aren’t like that. They’re smart, fast, and fend for themselves. They’re loyal, but they’re also capable of thinking. And new scientific research shows that they are loyal to their pack because their pack is their FAMILY, not because some top wolf is going to kill them if they don’t bring back enough from the hunt.

So anyways. How to translate my favorite animal, the wolf, into a last name? Well, my friend suggested adding “heart” to the end, and so I did. I stopped liking it a bit, but, hey, you can’t change your name, can you? And you can’t change your pen name either. So I kept it. And, well, I think it’s pretty cool now. I’ve thought of changing it, but Sabrina Wolfheart has grown to fit me, and I can’t really change my pen name now without changing who I am. And so that’s the story of how I got my pen name.

– S


2 responses to “The Story of How I Got My Pen Name

  1. Sabrina is my favourite name too! After reading the Sisters Grimm series a while back I went into fangirl mode and I loved the name Sabrina so much 😀

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