Help find these two gorgeous dogs loving homes!
Tweed, a border collie mix, and Dakota, a husky mix, are both rescue dogs who have a history of being abused. They’re both looking for a loving home where they will be cared for (and maybe pampered!).

– S

Foster and Photograph


As you all know, I have a foster dog named Tweed. Due to his stranger fear and separation anxiety, he is very hard to adopt out. It will take a long time to find him a home, it’s already been 3 months that he’s been with me. At this point, Tweed has become an easy member of our household, even though he is a foster dog he acts more like a personal dog. Just an all around easy, great pup to have around. I don’t mind fostering him for as long as it takes to find him his forever home.

I am part of several Facebook pages that network shelter dogs in my area, trying to find them homes, foster parents, or get them into rescue before their time runs out. There was a beautiful white Husky named Dakota who was desperately needing a foster home so that he could…

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