Syncing Blogs & Disqus


So, I recently found out about the publicize feature on sites that lets you publish a post on both your WordPress blog and another blog at once. I’d actually been looking for a way to do this, since I actually use two blogs, my blog and my Tumblr blog. I often use my Tumblr blog just for NaNoWriMo or daily short updates, since people using Tumblr seem to prefer those posts to the long rambles that I post on my WordPress blog. But although I don’t want to clog up my WordPress blog with short, silly updates, I do want to also fill my Tumblr blog with useful information. wordpress-logo

So my solution is to sync my WordPress and Tumblr blogs so that the same posts appear on both of them. However, not all posts will be common between blogs, as I have the power to delete a post on either blog.


I also made the decision to add Disqus to my Tumblr site. For those of you that don’t know what Disqus is, it’s basically a comments software that can be added to any site. I added Disqus to my Tumblr because, by default, Tumblr does not have any comments enabled. It also works well with Disqus. However, unless I get a request for Disqus on WordPress, I’ll be sticking with the default WordPress comments.

How Can I Do This?

You can easily do this on your own site! View my Adding Disqus to Your Site tutorial to find out how to sign up for Disqus.

To sync two blogs:

  1. Go to your dashboard for your blog
  2. Go to Settings > Sharing
  3. Click “Connect” for the service you’d like to connect with, and follow the steps from there!

– S



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