My 2014 Bucket List

100% of Bucket List Items are Done!


I know Bucket Lists are traditionally lifetime things to do before you “kick the bucket,” but why not make a shorter bucket list just for this year? Since it’s going to be 2014, I’ve listed 14 things I want to achieve before the (new) year’s end.

Here they are, listed from most to least important:

    1. Write a Novel check! I finished my first draft of The CyberWorld, weighing in at around 63K!
    2. Maintain This Blog All  Year check! The fact that I’m writing this shows SOMETHING, right?
    3. Publish Something check! Online counts, right?
    4. Get 50 Blog Followers quadruple check! You guys are the best!
    5. Advocate for Shelters and Learn How to Prepare Doggie Medication check!
    6. Pit Bull Advocacy check!
    7. Be Good to My Dog (well, ish) check! I haven’t snuggled her against her will today. Yet…
    8. Play Clarinet check! I’m performing in a national band concert.
    9. Learn CSS Coding check! How else do you guys think my blog looks so glamorous?
    10. Review at least 5 books on my blog (5/5 reviews completed) check! Thanks for the review copies, publishers!
    11. Help Out Animals check!
    12. Edit My Novel well, half check! But the quadruple check on #4 makes up for it. 
    13. Create My Own Font check! My wonderful handwriting counts, doesn’t it?
    14. Learn How to Act [Like I Care About Fashion and Shopping] Normal check! Although I do enjoy being my weird self.

Each time I achieve something, the item will be crossed out and linked to where you can read about that item. Sometimes, I may not post about each item.

This list was last updated on Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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