Bucket List 2014: Pits4PEACE

Pits4peace-logoItem number one (well, actually it’s officially number five) of my 2014 bucket list is done! Pits4PEACE, a community organization dedicated to raising pit bull awareness and informing the community about the pit bull’s true nature, was founded in the summer of 2013.

Since then, we’ve gained over 100 followers on our Twitter page and over 300 followers on our Facebook page. You can visit us on our official website or our blog. And we’re so very proud that we’re helping in the fight to save pit bulls.

We’ve discovered so many friends along the way. Actress Stefanja Orlowska created our logo and promoted our organization. And there are so many others who share their support every day by liking, retweeting, or following us.

Thank you so much, world.

And remember:

In the 70’s, they blamed the Dobermans. In the 80’s, they blamed the German Shepards. In the 90’s, they blamed the Rottweiler. And now they blame the Pit Bull. – Cesar Milan


Find Us On Facebook: facebook.com/pits4peace

Find Us On Twitter: twitter.com/pits4peace

Official Website: pits4peace.weebly.com

Our Blog: pits4peace.wordpress.com


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