The Art of Not Writing

quote-whatever-may-be-our-natural-talents-the-art-of-writing-is-not-acquired-all-at-once-jean-jacques-rousseau-382495 The height of my blog’s popularity was in December and November, where I posted on this blog nearly every day… And more importantly wrote parts of my novel every day. My writing quality has gone down since I stopped writing to take care of my life, which was almost completely abandoned during November and all but one week of December. I’m still not done with my novel (clearly; otherwise you would have heard about it), but I haven’t worked on it for over a month.

I’ve just been making excuses, which just isn’t right. I think writing makes me happier. It’s helped me cope with quite a lot of things in my life, and it’s given me insight into so much more. When I wrote everyday, I aced my math tests, was happy in my life, and really got around to everything that needed to be done. Writing is a passion, and it will always be one; not writing is a normal feeling for me, because I’m a teenager, and the periods in which I get to write are limited and then come towards me all at once. But I must admit, even if things have been put off, it’s not called procrastination when you’re doing something else which makes those items second priority.

I got the name of this post for two reasons:
1. It’s also the blog name of really awesome author, Veronica Roth.

2. Not writing, to me, is an art form. It’s kind of like graffiti: a bad way to cope with things. Taking something you love out of your life is never a good thing, and definitely not one that can ever be justified (unless, of course, it’s a bad thing, such as a breach of law). I have found many of my friends justifying the way they drop their favorite activities as “something that will inhibit their progress to their ideal goal: college.”

But writing is definitely something that will help and not harm you as you make your way to your ultimate goal, college. College essays for example: they have to be written don’t they? Writing helps in many ways, including ways of expressing your feelings and also getting into college.

In the end, you only get one life as you, and you have to make the most of it by dedicating it to the good things that you love. Money is not the only thing in life (though it definitely helps you get to where you want to be and doing what you want to do); there’s so much more out there.

And by that, I don’t mean television.

– S

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