And the Plot Begins…

6638191Two years after the idea for my novel was born into a page-long seedling, I have reached the height of the plot at 56,000 words. And let me tell you. It’s HARD.

I always thought writing the plot would be easy, but now that I’m actually there, writing the height of the conflict, full of my characters’s (hopefully) finally-existant emotions… it’s overwhelming. The climax of the plot is the point where everything comes together, falls together, and the characters finally go through a breathtaking change and revelations that change them almost entirely completely. As a reader, I don’t think we tend to notice these things, but as we are writing these characters, getting attached to them… it’s so clear it’s scary.

The characters often undergo a slow change, which both reader and author tend to notice. For some strange reason, I didn’t actually mind it that much when my characters were going through those slow changes. In fact, I was rather excited. Who would they change into? Would they finally be better characters? I waited for that climax, that breaking point, when my characters would be forced to accept all that has happened, and would have to change because of that. I wanted them to become Better People. But something happened, something very strange. I have grown to love my characters in their out-of-the-ordinary, strange, rude, dislikable way. They have become people, people who could lead lives off the page, whom I could ask a question and who could give me an answer. Changing their personality as drastically as happens at the climax of the plot is intimidating, infuriating, and exciting. But it could also change their answers to some of the questions. To me, it could send me back to square one, where I have to re-develop them as people, personalities off the page. They change. They become people whom you no longer know, though in reality, they are as perfectly well-known to the reader as they were five pages ago. Or five chapters.

It’s so scary to write plot climaxes, and this is my first one. But I don’t want somebody holding my hand, guiding me through and making all of my difficult, spur-of-the-moment decisions for me. I want to experience this myself. Only you can write your characters, remember that. Only you know how situations would affect them, what it would change them to. Only you can write the climax of your novel.

Onwards! (And trying to finish my March Madness by Camp NaNoWriMo!)

– S

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