Doctor Who Review | “Blink” 4 Stars


Sally Sparrow and a Weeping Angel

The Doctor and Martha are stuck in 1969. In present-day London, the Weeping Angels, strange creatures whose touch has the power to send people back in time, are on the loose. The Doctor is forced to communicate with an ordinary girl, Sally Sparrow, though secret messages and people sent back to her from the past to stop the Weeping Angels from seizing the TARDIS.

Writer: Steven Moffat

Doctor: Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

Companion: Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)

Featuring: Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan)

Episode: Season 3, Episode 10


DontBLink“Blink” definitely offered a fresh new take on Doctor Who; for once neither the Doctor nor his Companion were the star of the show. Sally Sparrow is just an ordinary London girl, who likes old things and photography. She is visiting a derelict house when she comes across a message from the Doctor. Numerous messages keep finding her, each one of them from the Doctor. The Tenth Doctor appears on video several times, giving Sally Sparrow instructions on what to do. He tells her that the Weeping Angels are “quantum locked,” meaning that they can’t move when a living creature is looking at them, but can move at light speed when they aren’t being observed.

tumblr_mizg8wsX2N1qg1mbqo1_r2_250I must say that Sally Sparrow seemed just like another Companion, who was operating without the Doctor, which made the episode seem familiar, and just as creepy or scary or funny as a normal Doctor Who episode would be, unlike the Season 2 episode “Love & Monsters,” about a man obsessed with the Doctor. The Doctor often appears on-screen through a video that Sally Sparrow is watching, and speaks to her. It’s always the same thing that he says, however, since he filmed it where he was trapped, in 1969, and sent it to present-day (2007), as he and Martha would have logically died of old age or, in the Doctor’s case, regenerated, before returning to present day.

While the episode was a bit slow to start with, because it had to introduce an entirely new character, its climax was suspenseful and fast-paced. Eventually, Sally asks Larry, the brother of her friend transported to 1920, to accompany her to the decrepit house where the Angels are on the loose. They use a portable DVD player to play the footage of the Doctor. Sally and the Doctor “speak,” while Larry writes everything down, like a transcript. The Doctor explains what time travel is and who the Weeping Angels are. He tells Sally and Larry to keep an eye on the Angels at all times, and not to blink.


tumblr_mizg8wsX2N1qg1mbqo8_r2_250At the end, Sally spots the Doctor and Martha walking. She runs out and says hello to the Doctor. The Doctor asks who she is. Sally realizes that he hasn’t met the Weeping Angels left, and realizes she was the one to give him the package of things he sends forward in time, including the transcript of the video footage.

What I didn’t get from this is the fact that this action would create a paradox. Sally got what was in the folder because of the Doctor, but it turns out the Doctor got everything in the folder from Sally Sparrow before he had even met her. That would be dangerous, and would mean that the Doctor and Martha had originally been stuck in 1969, until they found the TARDIS and then very complicated things happened finally letting them reach the scenario of current events.

tumblr_mizg8wsX2N1qg1mbqo3_r3_250I get that this is science fiction, but it has to make some sort of sense; most of the time, the writers of Doctor Who are sure to address these types of problems, as the Doctor often tells his companions why they can’t go back in time to fix an event, etc., because it would create a Time Loop or a paradox, both major problems. I might even go so far as to say that Moffat in particular isn’t as careful as the other writers in addressing these types of issues, as reflected in Series 6.

Going to the Weeping Angels, I thought they were a really cool creature, which made me question many statues that I live with or around. The flashes of the Doctor’s video overlaid with famous statues from around the world definitely left room for thought. In other words, the Weeping Angels were interesting and unique creatures who I want to learn more about and want to see featured more.

So that’s my review of this episode. You’re always welcome to share your thoughts with me in the comments section of this post!

– S

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