51 Followers, 51 Posts & Posting Schedule

tumblr_lm1eyhPWRH1qcthz1o1_500I just wanted to start off this post by thanking all my amazing followers. You are all so supportive, and are part of the reason that I keep writing this blog. All 51 of my followers are just absolutely amazing people, but I especially want to thank those of you who are regular commenters.

I haven’t wasted a single minute of the time I spent working on this blog.

I know that I’ve been irregular with my postings of late, and my policy of posting once a week really just hasn’t worked out very well.

So here you have my weekly posting schedule. If you’d like me to incorporate/change anything, please feel free to tell me so in the comments!

SocialMediaOptimalRight now my schedule lets me post anywhere between 1 and 4 times a week, but this may change later. You can view my schedule on the about page under “Posting Schedule.”

Tweet & Tumble Tuesday
Watch the Books and Bark Twitter account and my Tumblr account for random updates of things.

Writing Wednesday
I love to write and post way too often about it anyways. Nothing more needs to be said.

Timey-Wimey Thursday
I’m obsessive about science fiction books, TV shows, stories… you name it.

Saturday Scribbles
In which I write about anything and everything.

Sabrina Wolfheart2


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