Learn Coding, And You’ll Have the Blogosphere At Your Fingertips

blogging1012I recently realized that bloggers who know coding can do so much more with their blogs than those bloggers who can’t. With coding, you can customize your blog, add widgets to your sidebar, and stylize graphics without downloading a single piece of that fancy computer software. But coding is hard, and takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication.

HTML coders in particular have a special advantage. HTML is pretty much universally recognized, easy-to-use code, that’s recognized on most blogging platforms, including WordPress.com. It’s specific to building webpages, in particular. In your WordPress.com post editor, click over to “Text,” and there you have the HTML version of your text–the fancy bold and italics buttons at the top are really just plugins for that mess of words, numbers, and greater than and equal to signs. However, HTML also comes with disadvantages. HTML isn’t very good for complex items, such as rollover images or graphics, and generally sticks to the basics, such as normal images, texts, lists, and links. JavaScript, another type of coding, can do those fancy things–but unfortunately, JavaScript can also be used for malicious intent by hackers, and is subsequently banned from many blogging platforms*, including WordPress.com (*note: JavaScript is useable on Blogger, Google’s blogging engine). Many blogging platforms** allow the user to edit the code of the theme of their site, and change the appearance of it using CSS, another type of coding, which is basically just adding colors, themes, fonts, and beautifying a site (**note: WordPress.com requires an upgrade to allow the user to edit his or her website’s coding).

All of these limitations being stated, it’s still possible to use HTML, CSS, and even sometimes JavaScript to enhance your site. Looking for a widget that lets you display your personal picks from your blog? WordPress’s widgets section may not have you covered, but HTML certainly does. Simply using the right key words to look up the HTML code on Google is well-worth the effort–you will be rewarded with pages upon pages of HTML coding with friendly instructions for installation on your site. The plus is that HTML is rarely used for malicious intent, so you can be reasonably assured that your precious blog info is not compromised. If you’re really paranoid, you can even download your blog from the internet onto your computer as a backup–beware, this may be a big file!

To use HTML, you simply paste your HTML code into a text field that recognizes HTML–pasting HTML coding into the “Visual” section of this blog post isn’t going to do anything for me. It’ll simply display my HTML as text that looks pretty much like gibberish. Be sure to insert it in the “Text” section of WordPress.com blog posts, or somewhere else like it.

For example, this is the HTML code to insert an image:

<img src=”url” alt=”some_text“>

The bolded parts are those I’m going to replace.

Here is the actual inserted image using this code (I’m using the Books and Bark logo):
Books and Bark Logo

To use a text example, here’s how you would resize text to make it larger:

<h1> insert your title text here </h1>

<h2> insert your title text here </h2>

<h3> insert your title text here </h3>

<h4> insert your title text here </h4>

<h5> insert your title text here </h5>

<h6> insert your title text here </h6>

<p> insert your normal paragraph text here </p>

The header text goes from largest to smallest. Here it is when I actually use the code:

Header 1 (h1)

Header 2 (h2)

Header 3 (h3)

Header 4 (h4)

Header 5 (h5)
Header 6 (h6)

Normal Text (p)


And that’s all there is to it! You can also use HTML, just like that, to insert linked images, image galleries, linked text, normal text, headers, and more.

Sabrina Wolfheart2



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