Dogs Needing Homes

Dogs Who Need Homes

I’m an animal person. So naturally, when I went to a fundraiser for dogs in need of homes this weekend, I had to blog about it.

The fundraiser’s theme was “Animals in Wonderland,” and we were asked to envision what wonderland would look like for, well, animals. For my dog, it would be a world where squirrels run really, really, really, slowly. But, as the President of the Humane Society said, wonderland for stray dogs is simply a loving home. And we can all help out in order to make their wonderlands a reality.

To do my part, I’ve put together a blog post full of the dogs that I have loved and seen from my rescue work–or even just some random ones which I thought deserved good, loving homes. Dogs are my inspiration, they’re the reason I go on each and every day, and they give back in so many ways by just loving us, and bringing out the best. And I believe that dogs should all get loving forever homes.

So let’s all give back. Donate or adopt from your local animal shelter, and help a dog find his wonderland.

Click on any of these dogs’ images to read more about them. If you’re interested in adopting any one of these beautiful creatures and making him or her part of your family and life, please leave a comment on this post with an e-mail address where I can get back to you.

Hoping for some more Wonderlands,

Sabrina Wolfheart2


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