50 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

52750One of my goals for my blog this summer is to make it more personal. The original goal of my blog was for it to be a personal blog about my experiences in life, but it turns out I’m not very good at talking about them. I wanted this to be a blog with all my writing, but it turns out that you can’t submit to contests if you post your writing online. This was supposed to be about my passions, but it turns out that there isn’t much to write about them. I wanted to let my personality shine through, but that just didn’t happen.

So am I going to just sit around and mope? NO. I’m going to do something to make this blog the shape of my original vision.

So here’s 50 things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I’m crazy passionate about science.
  2. I volunteer in animal rescue.
  3. I know how to prepare a parvovirus vaccine for dogs.
  4. NaNoWriMo really doesn’t take up all of my life.
  5. I actually do like a good laugh.
  6. I’m extremely sarcastic.
  7. I know what major(s) I want to do in college. (Pre-vet and English. Double majors for the win! :D)
  8. I’m bipolar about Pip, from Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens. (Half the time I say I’d rather read a book about any character other than Pip, and then the other half of the time, I say I miss reading Great Expectations.)
  9. I’m in advanced math in school.
  10. Next year, I’ll be taking two science classes.
  11. I hate wearing dresses.
  12. My true favorite genre of books is mystery.
  13. I’m all for women’s rights.
  14. Dogs have basically taken over my life, and I love it.
  15. I really enjoy learning about law.
  16. I try to draw, but I really can’t.
  17. I could pretty much count all of my friends on my fingers and toes.
  18. I love being unique. ❤
  19. My parents are divorced, but I live only with my mom.
  20. Red_RosesMy favorite flowers are roses.
  21. Roses are my favorite flowers in memory of my aunt.
  22. My wardrobe consists of black, white, gray, and a few splashes of color.
  23. I’m anything but what you would call a normal teen.
  24. I’m not that creative, or that good of a writer. I just like to write.
  25. Dogs are my inspiration.
  26. I am an only child.
  27. I’m very good at concealing my feelings.
  28. I don’t really get around to reading very often.
  29. I usually do my homework during class.
  30. I play badminton, not because I like it, but because my friend was doing it and I call it the easiest sport (which it is).
  31. I have a skin condition called eczema, which is why I am not swimming in P.E. in school.
  32. I’m a teen. (Not really sure if this comes through in my blog posts).
  33. I talk a lot with my friends, but I don’t think I really say anything.
  34. I’m constantly thinking.
  35. I think the only sign of having an emotional problem is not being able to talk about it.
  36. I always want to be there for my friends, but I’m really bad at communicating it to them.
  37. I only chose Oxygen as my blog’s theme because there was nothing else that really appealed to me.
  38. I don’t think I’m good at much.
  39. I live in the United States, but my parents are of Indian origin. (I’m a full-blown American teen, though! I don’t even speak another language other than English).
  40. I don’t like to feel emotions.
  41. Most people who read my writing say that it needs more emotion.
  42.  I know how much dewormer and how many pills a dog needs.
  43. I’m a full-blown grammar queen.
  44. I’m very focused, not on writing, but on dogs and my studies. (If you recall from my last post, I want to be a veterinarian).
  45. My number one college choice is Cornell, and my number two would either be Stanford or U.C. Davis.
  46. I love to take notes.
  47. I pretty much despise fashion.
  48. There are a million things I’m interested in, yet I just want to work with dogs and cats ❤
  49. I love emojis 😛
  50. I’m extremely competitive.

So there you have me, pretty much in a nutshell. I’m proud of myself for coming up with 50 things.

– S


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