No, You May NOT Read My Novel

Well. Not really applicable, but hey, I thought it was cute!

Well. Not really applicable, but hey, I thought it was cute!

I try to keep my writing a secret in real life. Other than the occasional contest win or the very rare writing buddy, my friends are really not aware that I write at all.

The reason behind this is that none of them really… write. I mean, I have a couple who are into short stories, or even poetry, but none of them are really hard-core, buckle-down-and-write novelists. They are simply not the novel-going type. Yesterday, one of my friends managed to find the link to my blog via Tumblr, and somehow managed to find my novels page amid all the mess.

Well, anyways, the moment she found out I had written a novel, the first question out of her mouth was, of course, “Can I read it?”

No. No, you may not read it. Not that novel, out of the many hundreds of novels out there in the world. Please, go find another novel; in fact, I will find one for you, but you may not read MY novel.

Writers, only you will understand what I am saying.

Only you will understand that I am saying this, not out of harsh cruelty, but out of love for my noveling career.

You see, this novel in question is unedited. It is disgusting. It is filled with plot threads and unfinished characters, and people that completely disappear halfway through the story. (Sorry, Ames!) It is completely and unequivocally horrendous. I won’t even let my writing buddies read it.

I realize that most people only ever read books in their perfect stage, after they have been written, rewritten again, edited, copy-edited, changed, rewritten, rewritten twice more, edited, changed, copy-edited, and then finally published by a big-name publisher.

If I ever showed my novel to anyone outside of my writing buddies circle… well, let it just be known that even my writing buddies would cringe in horror if they saw my novel. And they have seen a lot of my bad work. Yes, it’s that awful.

And now you know why your neighborhood writer will not let anybody see her novel’s first draft.

Aaaaaand back to studying for finals.

17 responses to “No, You May NOT Read My Novel

  1. …I thought I was the only one in the world that felt like this O.o. I totally understand what you’re saying! I don’t even let my cat look at my novel (kidding). The best way I can explain it is that I just don’t feel like they are worthy for public reading yet. Y’know?

    • Yes! Someone else in the world who guards their novel like I do!
      I guess I just needed to let this out, because it’s been bugging me for a quite a while now 🙂
      And I totally get you on the cat thing… I feel like my dog is judging me when she sniffs at my laptop while I’m working on my edits! 😛
      And yes, I totally know what you are saying! I feel like people who aren’t my writing buddies just won’t understand that any author’s published books are a far cry from their first draft!

  2. I totally understand what you mean! So true! People are like “you have to send me your novel!! I want to read it!” And I’m like…uh no. Hahaa I mean sometimes excerpts are okay, but without edits, it’s just…meh D: not finished. haha:P

    • Exactly! I feel like my friends are going to compare me to the J.K. Rowlings and John Greens of this world.
      Every time my friends ask me, I feel like my brain just goes: Please hold your comments, dear friends. Just because I slapped, “The End,” on my novel does NOT mean it’s even close to finished. 😛
      And haha, I have those friends that are like, “I WANT to read your novel” and those that go, “I HAVE to read your novel.” Again. Please. Have mercy on my dear piece of writing. 😀

  3. I agree; I am the same way. I won’t even let my husband read it until it’s fully edited. Even then, the one short story I had published I never really “gave” to him to read. It’s in the book, on my bookshelf. He can pick it up if he wants. I don’t even want my kids reading them right now, but my close circle of friends can. They get it. They go through the same thing I do, and I’m so glad you spoke up and said how closely we do guard our stories, no matter what our age! Thank you!

    • Exactly! When I was published in an anthology, I had the book available for reading, but I didn’t really show it to anyone. I’m very lucky, actually—my mom is a writer as well (albeit one who never has time to write), so I have someone who is sort of a writing buddy to me in my immediate family.
      I get what you’re saying with the writing friends thing, too: one of my dear writing buddies was with me when I finished my novel. Of course I told her I’d finished, but instead of asking immediately, “Can I read it?” she asked, “Is there any part you would let me read?” I love how they just understand that, of course, that newly-finished piece of writing is not edited, and is not ready to be viewed. Even though I was the first of my writing friends to finish a novel, they still understood, which I loved. (I really cannot stress that enough ❤ )
      I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings by not letting them read my novel, but it's really not finished yet. 🙂
      It's lovely meeting another person who feels the same way! Honestly, I thought this post would get a bad reception, like the idea does when I present it to those of my family who are not writers. But I guess I overlooked the fact that most bloggers are writers! 🙂
      (Goodness, this is turning into a mini-novel itself!)

      Happy Writing,
      Sabrina 😀

  4. I feel like almost everything you post is exactly how I feel! You have a real knack for expressing your fears, concerns, triumphs, etc. in a way that’s an easy, enjoyable read, and making the person reading say, “it’s like she’s reading my mind.” Haha!
    Great post, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, thank you! This means so much to me ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      "Easy, enjoyable read…" I think I'll have to print out your comment and put it in my scrapbook!
      – Sabrina ❤

  5. And here I was thinking I was the only one! Sure, I have some friends who are into writing novels, like I am, and I’ll discuss characters and plot with them, but actually letting them read the novel is wrong. I guess I feel like my novel is sacred, to be viewed by me and only me until I’ve edited it and made it available on online writing sites.

    Not sure if you have any of your writing published online, but I’d love to read it! If your blog posts are this amazing I can only imagine what your novels are like. I’ll be moving on from here to read a couple of your excerpts ^.^

    • You are most definitely not the only one! 😀 I feel the same here, but what I like about my novel writing friends is that they respect the fact that I’m not ready to show them my work yet. I have assured them that they will be my first beta readers, though!

      I think I just have my excepts up… I hope you enjoyed them 🙂 I would love for people to read more of my writing, but I write very few short stories under 4 pages.

      I’m glad you liked my blog! 😀

      – Sabrina

      • All of the excerpts were very interesting, though confusing (as most excerpts are). I did enjoy them though 🙂

  6. Yes! This, exactly! Oh, the anxiety! I have a tendency to finish a book and then walk away from it for months or longer, before I’m able to go back to it and do the initial edit. Then, I’ll finally blurt to my best friend (and ultimate beta reader): “Oh, yeah, I finished that book.” “When?” “Ummm…..January.” She gets it, even though she’s not a writer, simply because she knows me. It’s very difficult to explain it to non-writers, as you pointed out, so thanks for sharing! It’s nice to get a reminder every once in awhile that we’re not alone in this crazy, creative world. 🙂

    • Yep! Us crazy people—um, I meant WRITERS—are constantly surrounded by people who don’t write… And I know they have the best of intentions, but they just don’t understand 😛

      I’m like that, too. I do at least three revisions before I show it to anyone (well, I show it to my mom, because she always manages to get stuck three pages in). In fact, even my beta readers and critiquers haven’t seen my novel yet. Just the snippets on this blog 😛

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