Guest Post | Where Will You Be In Three Years?

Happy 4th of July! Today I have a very special guest post for you, from Morgan Hegarty, who blogs over at Teenage Enthusiasm. I am very excited to have her blogging over here (I have been a huge fan of her blog for a very long time!). You can read my guest post on her blog here. I’m very, very excited for you all to be reading this. It’s a fantastic post, and it’s been lovely working with her. And without further ado (to be cliche), here’s Morgan!
Hello all! My name is Morgan and I blog over at Teenage Enthusiasm! I am so honoured to be writing here on S’s blog as she is a new friend and it’s so exciting to be talking to a new audience! I hope I can do as good a job as S in entertaining you with my writing.
I write my own blog on my own enthusiasms (obsessions over basically everything), films, life advice, and generally being a student at Life University. I am a major Anglophile, cinephile, and will just do about anything for mashed potatoes! For your reading pleasure, I have shared my experience of going from a small blog to a publication writer. Currently I write my own blog, and am a freelance writer for Huffington Post College and Her Campus. My articles have been shared on USA TODAY. It’s been an insane journey.
I hope you enjoy reading what I have for you as much as you enjoy S’s writing. And I hope what I’ve written will inspire you to keep on writing!
Stay classy, Internet,

publicationsWhere will you be in three years? That’s something I asked myself at 15, and the answer was, “Attending university and trying to get published.”

Well, 15-year-old me, you aren’t trying to get published, you are published.

Everyone tries to be successful at what they love. I love to write. From a journal as a child, to teeny bopper novels, to now with a successful blog and freelance jobs. And if it weren’t for me continuing to write and write and write, none of it would have happened. The success I have received would be nothing without drive, so that is my advice to you.

Find your drive.

Many of you are entering the writing world, or are veterans. And you know how terrifying a blank page can be. It’s too easy to succumb to procrastination for your next writing expedition, but to succeed you must push past that white expanse. Write that terrible first draft, let it be so bad that you cringe at the absolute thought of it. My first novel was 56,000 words written in six months when I was 14. I was so proud that I’d written this book that I was convinced was the next best seller. Five years later, I read over that “masterpiece” and see how much I’ve grown in my writing ability, and plot development. Yes, I wrote something I would now be ashamed to publish, but the fact that I wrote something so extensive, that I overcame that blank page, that speaks volumes. And it started my path to writing.

From that awful first novel, I continued to write. More novels, starting a blog, writing for publications for free, etc. I never stopped. Even when university applications took over my life, and my dog passed on, and I found struggles in my social circle, writing was a solace. It was something I couldn’t give up. Because writing is about passion, about wanting to expand your vocabulary and style and voice. Just because personal things are going on doesn’t mean that you should put your passion on the backburner. That’s just setting up for a downfall.

To reach success, which to everyone means something else, it’s about having strategy. For people wanting to be successful journalists, find publications like Huffington Post that will publish your articles. It’s a great way to find exposure. For people wanting to be novelists, try Wattpad or self-publishing to show your work to readers and get feedback. Plus, you can tell people you’re published! For people wanting to write whatever, just write. Always. Show it to people, send it to editors, do whatever you want that shares it with people so you can get feedback. Success is about getting feedback, learning from it, and improving what you produce.

I write this post in hopes that those who are thinking about making writing their life choice realize that they don’t have to wait. The time is now, as cliché as it sounds. You don’t have to wait until after university or when you suddenly receive your “big break.” There is something that you can do right at this moment to get you to your success in only a few short years. Don’t sit around and think, “I wish I could do this now instead of later.”

Think, “In three years, I’m going to have it all.”


If you’d like to read more of Morgan’s work, you can find her over at her blog, Teenage Enthusiasm, her blog’s twitter, @teenenthusiasm, or her personal twitter, @PotatoesHegarty.

5 responses to “Guest Post | Where Will You Be In Three Years?

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  2. These are some great points. I have self-published many novels, but I would love to write for HuffPost. I don’t know to get started with that. I love writing so much I even got my MFA in Creative Writing. The hard part is becoming a successful blogger and a paid respectful writer. I am still on the grind.

    • Hiya!

      If you are interested in Huffington Post email ________(depending on what category you want to go into) . Their team is absolutely amazing and I definitely recommend you working with them. It is definitely difficult to be recognized for your writing and I am so, so lucky to have been given the opportunities I have. For successful blogging I recommend blogging regularly and taking the steps recommended by blogging platforms to increase readership. That’s the best advice I can give to someone to increase their audience, which, honestly, is what we all want.

      I hope this has been helpful!
      Morgan xx

  3. That’s pretty awesome Morgan 🙂 When I was 19 (which was 10 years ago) I was anorexic and barely hanging on. I poured all of my angst into studying. I got a 4.0 in community college and then transferred to U.C. Berkeley to get my B.S. in Chemistry. Then I focused on getting really good grades so I could get into a good grad school. My life was eat, sleep, and study. I didn’t really have any friends, but had no problems snagging boyfriends XD. I got married at 22, and I’m still married to the same man 7 years later.

    My life took a downward spiral starting at 24, and I have had a lot of health issues due to a genetic disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I managed to finish grad school, but couldn’t work due to debilitating pain. I was also a pre-professional ballerina as a kid, and dabbled in it as an adult, but I had to quit when I tore my first hip labrum at 24. Three hip labral tears, and 3 hip preservation surgeries later, I feel like I’m getting my life back again. My dream is to have a job, house, and babies in 3 years. I’ll never be normal normal because my body injures so easily, and I will have to cope with chronic pain till the day I die, but I don’t have to worry about my hip partially dislocating as I get up from a chair. I love writing, and I’d like to get published, but after having my life taken away from me, all I want is to be normal. I mean I went to a really good grad school and got the highest grades, and graduated with honors. I haven’t been able to work since I graduated 3 years ago, but part time I could make $70,000 a year, so I’m thankful for that. A lot of my writing deals with health issues because not only have I had my own to deal with, I’m a healthcare professional, so I’m pretty familiar with the emotional toll health issues take on both an individual and their families.

    Congrats on your achievements, and I think it’s good to dream big 🙂 It’s impressive what you have accomplished at such a young age! It’s good to keep things into perspective as well, which it sounds like you are doing. I spent the majority of my college years isolated because I was studying so hard, and in grad school it was kind of pointless. My high GPA isn’t going to really help me get a job. You sound like a well-balanced individual and I wish I had a bit more of that. But hindsight is 20/20. In the past five years I have made some wonderful friends that I wouldn’t have met if I had never hurt myself. As awful as the injuries have been, they forced me to take a good look at my life and figure out what was really important. I’m definitely less materialistic then I was 5 years ago.

    I don’t know about Wattpad. . . I just started posting on Fictionpress because I’m familiar with their sister site, I haven’t tried Wattpad. Maybe I’ll give it a try 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Your story is inspirational. Getting your life back together must have been difficult and fantastic job on doing so, really.

      I hope to always have a positive view despite what is going on (as I mentioned in my article, there have been tragic things) and working towards what is important to me in the long run.

      I wish you well in all your future endeavors to fulfill what you want out of your life and to keep on writing!

      Morgan xx

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