WeWriWa | Dear Melody Excerpt from Will

So, I’m very excited to be sharing my very first excerpt of Dear Melody that’s not from Mel’s perspective. This is from Mel’s husband, Will. Enjoy! 😀

These are absolutely beautiful. Please. Keep writing. They will help you so much, I promise. You used to be so kind, Mel. You described her so perfectly. You have to remember how to do that.

Remember her, if not for yourself, for me.

Blog Post and Novel Excerpt © Sabrina Wolfheart & the Books and Bark blog


So there’s that 8-sentence snippet. Will honestly is not that well-developed. These are the only 8 sentences he’s written. I know, these lines are completely awful, but there was simply intended to advance the plot a little bit.

There’s honestly no other context–these are the only 8 lines I wrote from Will’s perspective. He’s reading some stuff that Mel wrote, but she stopped writing, and he’s trying to get her to keep writing them.

I’ll give you a hint. The “her,” does not refer to either Mel or Melody. So basically, there’s a third (or maybe even fourth?) character involved, and she’s got something to do with Will–and, obviously, Mel. And she’s got to be remembered.

So yeah. This quote isn’t as strong as last week’s (or the week before), but it’s about all I have. It was either this or a quote from Melody, which talked about how frustrated she was. And it was honestly quite boring.

Happy 8Sunday… I hope you manage to make heads or tails of this.




Blog Post and Novel Excerpt © Sabrina Wolfheart & the Books and Bark blog


18 responses to “WeWriWa | Dear Melody Excerpt from Will

  1. Hmm, makes me curious to know more! Like I said before though, remember that you can use create punctuation like , : — to combine sentences, especially one or two word ones. That will help you get more out of your snippet each time! Great snippet 🙂

  2. So I had to reread the snippets before this. In the first snippet it’s clear that one of the protagonists is born the day Melody dies, so I’m thinking this third protagonist is her child. But the doesn’t necessarily make sense with the last two snippets. Hmmmm, I’m dying of curiosity XD How long into the book does the reader find out about this other protagonist? Am I on the right track. Is the third protagonist related to Melody? You’re very good at being cryptic and keeping the reader guessing. I enjoyed this, just like last week’s 🙂

    • Yes it’s definitely a good idea to reread the snippets. While this snippet and the previous snippet are in no specific order, each still provides important information… if you know where to look. The “her,” mentioned (which I believe you are referring to as the third protagonist), is actually sort of the antagonist, in a way. While she’s not an MC, she certainly does get her turn narrating and driving the plot forward. 😀 “Her” is talked about really quickly, not even 10,000 words in. But the reader just hears about “her,” and they don’t really find out who she is until the climax of the novel (I think).
      The third protagonist (aka “her”) is related to Melody… but maybe not in the way you’d originally think.
      Thanks! You guys are supposed to know what Mel and Melody’s relationship is pretty soon into the book, but I kind of wanted to experiment it. And this is turning out better than I expected. So: keep the secret. 😛
      I’m glad you enjoyed!

      – Sabrina

  3. ” You used to be so kind, Mel. You described her so perfectly. You have to remember how to do that.” I think it’s a very candid moment–and that drew me in, Sabrina. Nicely done. I didn’t pick up on the third (or fourth) person involved. Maybe the 8 sentence limitation had something to do with that. 🙂

    • I’m glad that drew you in, Teresa. I was hoping for something to that effect.
      The third person was just supposed to be hinted at in the “her”s, so it provides foreshadowing for later on.

      – Sabrina

    • Yes, these snippets are quite confusing. Often, I want to explain more about the characters… But I have spliced and diced all I can, and there’s that 8-sentence limit!

      I’m glad you liked my writing, though.

      – Sabrina

  4. Makes me think someone’s lost a child…I’m probably way off base. I guess I’ll just have to keep reading to find out : )

    • Well, you’re not that far off track. They’ve both definitely lost someone, but they don’t have the same relationship to her, if that makes any sense. Like, they wouldn’t just both be “parents” one would be (and I’m making this up) her cousin and the other one would be related to her by marriage.

      I’m glad you’re interested… Thanks for the comment. It’s really nice to hear what everyone’s thinking. It really gives me perspective and makes me think about how things come across.

      – Sabrina

  5. It can be dicey to try to go into the POV of a secondary character, but it’s a good exercise to try it. This is my first week here, so I haven’t been following your story, but I’ll go back now and try to catch up…sounds interesting.

    • Definitely can be… I don’t do it that often, but this was just supposed to be a sort of note that Will writes, just 8 sentences long.
      It’s definitely fun. 😀 I’m glad my excerpts piqued your interest.

      – Sabrina

  6. Hmm, intriguing at least! Thanks for sharing with us.

    I dropped by looking for “What’s up Wednesday” and didn’t see it… did something go haywire there?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you found it interesting.

      Oh, sorry about that, I just added my link and was just putting up my post now. 🙂 Sorry for the confusion!

      – Sabrina

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