Character Blog Hop | Say Hello to Mel and… Bellatris?

Hi there, my wonderful readers! Today I’m doing a character blog hop. Which means… you’ll get to learn more about Mel, from my current in-progress novel, Dear Melody. I’m also forcibly introducing you to my villain from The CyberWorld, Bellatris. I am very excited for you to be meeting her. (Oh, and I was tagged by the wonderful Victoria Davenport over at Coffee. Write. Repeat. Go show her some love. <3)



I didn’t really want to use an image, but honestly, this is a nearly flawless image of Mel. Image Credit.

Fictional or Historical? Definitely fictional.

When/Where Is It Set? Mel’s story takes place in 2030 in San Francisco, California, USA. The world is pretty much the same as it is today. Mel is in her early thirties for most of the story, though there is some leeway on both sides. She lives in a small apartment in San Francisco with her husband, Will. No, they are no flying rockets in the future. It’s a normal world. Sure, they’re probably more scientifically advanced, but hey, this isn’t science fiction.

Is there anything we should know about the character? Mel is struggling with many things in her life. The novel mostly focuses on her guilt, and her increasing sense of obligation to people who she normally would have helped out in an instant, but can now no longer bring herself to face. She’s also quite the pessimist, which is fun to write. 😀

Her policy is self-sufficiency. She’s just lost so much that she can’t bring herself to depend upon another person anymore. But deep down, she relies very heavily on Will. He is very quiet, often offering her the quiet, gentle support she needs. He convinces her to keep writing, and he helps her through her depressed days. Will is the only member of her husband’s family that Mel can face.

Mel is different from the character “Melody” for whom the book is named after (yes, confusing, I know; but there’s a reason behind this weird naming, I promise). Mel isn’t short for anything it’s just… Mel.

What is the main conflict? I write a sentence for every novel. I call it, “The Sentence.” It’s so great it doesn’t even need a name. Just a great big old “The.” (Yes. I have been binge-watching Doctor Who.)

Mel must overcome the guilt, crippling obligation, and sense of depression that plagues her after a friend’s death.

Um, yeah. Sorry, guys. Not what you were hoping for. But onwards and upwards, as they say! (I think :D)

What is Mel’s personal goal? Mel has always wanted to be a best-selling writer. When she was 20 years old, she made her way up to the New York Times Bestsellers List (yes, that’s still around… go figure ;)). But her publisher called her next book a “failure,” and refused to publish it. After that, Mel’s life progressed into a deep downward spiral, and she never really wrote again. Mel is a journalist for the New York Times magazine (it was 1 AM, okay?). Her dream is to make her way up to Editor-in-Chief, and be able to fly out to New York with her husband. She feels that’s the only thing that will make her life better, when in reality, her life could be so much better if she just stayed in California.

Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it? Yes indeedy! As you may have heard me mention several times, Mel’s story features in my novel, Dear Melody

When can we expect the book to be published? Let me optimistic. I’m hoping sometime next year. I already have 10k down, easy, and I want to finish it between this July’s Camp NaNoWriMo and November’s NaNoWriMo 2014. Then it’s just editing, querying, and a published novel!


brunettes women megan fox blue eyes actress celebrity selective coloring faces 1280x1024 wallpape_www.wall321.com_29

Bellatris’s eyes would be a tad bit lighter, but otherwise, she is perfectly portrayed here. Image Credit.

Fictional or Historical? Definitely fictional!

When/Where Is It Set? In a future, post-apocolyptic world which is chaos, essentially. Bellatris is able to seize control and establish an autocratic society. (NO. IT. IS. NOT. DYSTOPIAN.) She rules through fear, after seizing the reins of power from her sisters-in-law. The kingdom she rules is a terrifying place. Hated by all, she tries to be kind, but the people continue to scorn her, even though she gave up everything that was good in her life to try and save them all from the power struggles her sisters-in-law were using the kingdom for.

Is there anything we should know about the character? Bellatris is hated, and because of that, she is suffering. But she was, also, once upon a time, a mother. She is kind, and has a certain softness about her; if you are in her presence, she has a way of making you feel safe and protected. She is someone you can trust. She has lost, too. She has lost so much–she gave up everything to save her beloved kingdom, and is capable of harsh cruelty. When she puts on a dangerous tone and cold, glittering eyes, sometimes even she can’t tell whether the violence coursing through her veins is real or not. She is utterly confused, hated, and blinded by her emotions; she can no longer see that what she is doing is wrong, that it is hurting the people she once sought to protect. But she is strong, and she is stubborn, and she shall stand by her choices till the end of her days.

What is the main conflict? Although Bellatris is the antagonist of the novel, her confrontation with the protagonist is not her main conflict as a character. Her main conflict takes place several years before the novel begins, when her husband dies, and she struggles with what she should do with her life: should she use it for the greater good of the world, or should she use it to stay with what’s left of her family? The emerging, cruel world headed by her sisters-in-law will become hers by descent, after her husband dies. Eventually, Bellatris’s duty to her world takes her down a darker path, leading her to murder and intense sorrow. She has young children, and she pays the ultimate price for having left them.

What is Bellatris’s personal goal? Bellatris’s cause is for the children. She sits in her throne everyday, torturing people, murdering them, playing God: keep the children safe. She failed before. She will never, ever fail again.

Keep the children safe.

Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it? Of course! The working title is The CyberWorld, although there is a high probability that the title will change soon.

When can we expect the book to be published? Well, I’m currently editing, and then I want to fix it/rewrite it/make it perfect before I publish or query… so maybe a year, maybe two. Mel’s story is turning out a lot cleaner than The CyberWorld, and I’m hoping for less work. I could tell from the first sentence that this novel would need more than just a quick touch-up. Oh, well…

I might as well tag my people now… I tag:

  1. Caffe Maggieato of Just Get It Written: Caffe is an amazing writer and blogger, and I’d love to hear more about  her amazing characters.
  2. The Paper Butterfly of The Paper Butterfly: This woman is an amazing writer and a phenomenal support. She devotes so much of her time and energy to commenting on others’ blogs I feel like she’s like, 7 people.
  3. Spirit of Pen to Paper: I’m so glad Spirit found me (or I found her? I can’t remember…)! She’s an amazing writer, and her blog posts are just phenomenal. I’m honored to know her, and would LOVE to hear more about her characters! 😀

Have a great day with your characters, guys!

– Sabrina



17 responses to “Character Blog Hop | Say Hello to Mel and… Bellatris?

  1. Your characters are so well-thought out! They have realistic problems and goals, even though they are fictional. Nicely done!

    After reading all of the headings I might have to rethink my own characters… Not sure if I can answer all of these questions about them 😛

    • Thanks 🙂

      I had trouble answering some of the headings at first, especially for Mel, because she’s less developed then Bellatris. I liked this, it helped me develop my characters a lot, I think 😀

      Glad you liked it 😉

  2. Wow, Bellatris sounds like a very complex character. My favorite type of character will always be the hero archetype, but I love complicated villains. I think one of my favorite villains is the one that is motivated by what they see as just in their minds. Kind of like Hannibal. He’s a serial killer, yes, but the people he kills are always people that have wronged him, people he loves, or innocent victims. So in his mind he’s making the world a better place. But as a society we give every convicted felon due process. Villains like this are infinitely more interesting than the one dimensional evil character. Bellatris sounds amazing, and I’m already excited to read your story XD

    I lived in San Francisco for a few years XD I feel bad for Mel :/ It’s so tough to put ourselves out there as writers, and many people are merciless and cruel. It’s one thing to constructively critique someone’s novel, and another to call them a failure. I hope she is able to grow as a character and realize it doesn’t matter what others thinks. I see a lot of myself in her, so I empathize :$ Looking forward to your novels 🙂 Good luck with Nano!

    Lol, I like to talk a lot, so that’s why I comment a lot of people’s blogs :$ And sometimes once I start talking I just don’t shut up XD

    • I put a lot of hard work into her, and I think that’s because I like complex villains. They can’t just be inherently evil–no one is–but I kind of felt bad giving her her backstory. Sometimes, I just wish my novel would revise itself and make itself perfect so I could send it out into the world so you guys can read it… but alas, there are edits to be done. 😀

      Yeah, I like San Francisco, so I decided to just plop Mel there. I really felt bad giving her the backstory I did (possibly even more than I sympathized for Bellatris’s). I feel like her novel has a lot to do with the sadness she experiences, and it represents her “failure” in life. She had a really mean publisher 😛 I’m glad you can see yourself in her–I always try to make my characters relatable. Thanks!

      Well, I happen to like it that you talk a lot, and I also happen to like the fact that you keep talking. 🙂 Your comments always make my day ❤

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  5. I really enjoyed reading about your characters. Definitely intrigued by Mel/Melody! Thanks for tagging me for this. Is there a deadline for when I need to make my post?

    • I’m glad you did 😀 Well, I’m surprised you liked Mel better… although, as I said, her relation to Melody is unknown… I think the post should just be up in a few weeks (3 or 4 at the most). There’s no deadline as far as I can see. I did mine a couple weeks after Victoria’s, who tagged me. Can’t wait to see your characters! 🙂

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