What’s Up Wednesday | Alaska and a Greatly Shortened TBR

WUWAutumnIt’s been a while since I’ve done What’s Up Wednesday–and I must say, I quite missed it! I’ve been traveling for a while, and haven’t had time to sit down and write solid blog post. So, without further ado… everything since the first week of August! 😀

What I’m Reading

We went to Alaska the first week of August (gorgeous views!), and while there was abundant wildlife and scenery, I missed my wi-fi. So I filled in the lost space with BOOKS! Lots, and lots of books! 😀 That week alone, I read What’s Left of Me, by Kat Zhang which I was supposed to post a book review for yesterdayCinder by Marissa Meyer, The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son by Lois Lowry, The New World by Patrick Ness, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling. They were all pretty much fantastic. I’d have to refer you to Desiree over at Inky Tavern for a review of The New World, because I have no idea how much time it’ll take to review all eight books.

I was home for about three days before leaving to visit my aunt, which has proven to be very fun. Luckily, they have wi-fi here, which is very nice, considering I have been without wi-fi for a week. So far, I’ve read Beowulf for school, and am reading Grendel, too. But you probably already knew that because that’s been going on forever. Also on my TBR this week are The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen, The Innocent Assassins by Pema Donyo, and A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans. And, of course, if I manage to finish all of that, Once We Were by Kat Zhang.

What I’m Writing

Currently, I’m still working on The CyberWorld edits. My self-set deadline for myself is this week… and I’m on page 25 of 120. This is going to be one long week 😛 I’m enjoying myself, though. Plus, I’m hoping to be able to keep most of the rest of the novel considering that my nutty writerly mind has decided to throw in a MAJOR plot twist once I get past the initial 40-ish pages. The plot is REALLY WEIRD. I mean, it goes from a scientific world to something about the law. I guess my Mock Trial somehow pushed its way in to my novel. Because I really needed to memorize my part. 😛

What Inspires Me Right Now

Oh, and this is the section in which I get to throw in the beautiful photos of Alaska and our wonderful cruise ship, and our lovely journey… during which it rained the first day and I nearly froze to death while on a tiny little boat in the Tracy Arm fjord (which has beautiful glaciers!) It was lovely; we saw lots of wildlife, including my first salmon run, bald eagle, wild otters, seals (though I couldn’t grab a picture of them–they were too fast), and black bears.

I guess it’s just a coincidence that A Wolf Called Romeo, which Houghton Mifflin Harcourt kindly sent me, is about a wolf that befriends an Alaskan community. 😛

Anyways, here’s a rundown of my trip in pictures! I got a new camera and was really excited to explore all the new features. It even had some filters, although I didn’t use them… for the most part. 😛

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Photography © Sabrina Wolfheart & the Books and Bark blog

 What Else Is New

Well, I visited Alaska for the first time, and it was just gorgeous! Right now, I’m visiting my aunt and uncle (I can’t tell you where for privacy/security reasons), and I’m making very slow good progress on my novel edits. Other highlights of my week include the fact that all my television shows are starting soon (Doctor Who next weekend and NCIS sometime soon). I’d also like to thank Heather McCubbin of Pushing the Pen for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award (whew, that’s a mouthful!). I’m probably going to get around to it sometime next week.

I also have to inform you that my school starts next week. 😦 I enjoy school, and learning, but I’m taking a very heavy course load this year, with two science classes (advanced chemistry and physics) and the hardest math class in high school. Unfortunately, a heavy course load means some things have to get cut. And while I’m not going to stop blogging entirely, the three-posts-a-week schedule is going to be cut down to two. I just wanted to let all of you know, so that you don’t think I have abandoned Books and Bark for no good reason. 😛

I am hoping to prioritize my novel writing over blogging, and maybe I’ll even participate in NaNoWriMo this November (I have no idea what my homework load is going to look like). I feel like I’m dramatizing this, as I tend to do, as a writer. Because I’ll probably have my book reviews for What’s Left of Me and Cinder up this week, and maybe I’ll even talk a little bit about Beowulf? 😀

Now, off to practice clarinet, which somehow hasn’t happened all summer… 😛

Have a great week! 😀

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21 responses to “What’s Up Wednesday | Alaska and a Greatly Shortened TBR

  1. These pictures are so beautiful! Good luck on your writing (: Major plot twists = best ingredients for a gripping story.

    Ah, I keep meaning to read TQoTT, but I also keep reading all these mixed reviews. Reviewers seem to be split half-half whether they love it or think it’s overhyped.

    • Goodness! That was possibly the fastest comment I have ever gotten 😀

      Thanks! Although I have heard that major plot twists need some sort of foreshadowing so that they’re not just, “Oh hey, that was convenient for the villain!”

      Yep, HarperCollins was kind enough to send me a review copy, so I may as well read it. 😛 While I was waiting for it to arrive, I read the reviews, and they’re either 5-star or 1-star. I’ll let you know what I think when I finish!

  2. My daughters (a freshman and a senior) are currently suffering through their summer reading. They are competing for which one hates their assigned books more. (One is reading Lord of the Flies; the other, Crime & Punishment AND How to Read Literature Like a Professor.)

    I think that last one would be the worst. Why would anyone want to read literature like a professor?

    Those are gorgeous photos!

    • Oh, dear! I’ve never read LORD OF THE FLIES, simply because it was never required for school, but I’ve heard good things, actually. If she wants to become a professor, I’d understand, but it evades me as to why else someone would want to read lit like that!

      Thanks! It’s amazing what a digital camera with autofocus can do! 😛

    • Thanks, Elodie! 😀 Alaska really is! You should go sometime. It’s pretty easy to get gorgeous photos when everything around you is amazing. 😛

      Thanks! Best of luck on your own writing projects as well! 😀

  3. Ehehe, that’s a lot of books to read! …although I read nine, over eight days of vacation. O_o I was bored, I guess… xD

    I’d love to visit Alaska someday, I bet it’s beautiful!

    Are you excited for The Giver movie, now that you’ve read the book? 🙂

    • Yep… I had around 7 days, so it’s not that many. Only about a book a day 😛 I get bored really easily, as I had no one to talk to, and we had no signal. 😛

      It totally is, and you should! It’s an amazing experience. 😀

      I don’t know… I read the book a while ago, but with the Giver movie coming out, I decided to reread it, and I loved it, as usual. But I’m afraid they’re going to mess it up, or turn it into something it’s not. So, I guess we’ll just have to see… :\

      • I can’t stare out the car window at Wyoming and Nebraska and wherever else forever… so I read like crazy. xD But it’s good to be back.


        I really, really hope the movie isn’t messed-up… but it probably will be. *le sigh*

        • Haha, yep! It’s more of the same there, I’ve heard. I like it when we drive through flat plains better, because I get carsick on mountains and can’t read. :\

          I know… It always gets to me. I haven’t watched the latest movies for books I’ve read. I’m not quite sure why… maybe I’m not just the movie-going type? 😛

  4. Loved your update! You always sound so positive and vibrant! Congratulations on your new award – totally well deserved, I am sure! I agree with you, Alaska is awesome!! And, do go see The Giver – and do a movie vs book review, if you can…those can be fun to do’s! Best wishes on your new school year – hope you get to shine and be outstanding there as much as you do here! Cheers!

    • Thanks, Anonymous! I’m glad you think so. I’m quite the pessimist in real life 😛 I guess I save all my merriness for the blog! 😀

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the blog enough to think it worthy of an award 🙂 I’ve always wanted to do a book vs. movie review, but I haven’t watched DIVERGENT or THE HUNGER GAMES, which are the big-name book movies that came out lately. And doing a HARRY POTTER movie vs. book comparison would be a big no-no because it would basically be, “the book was perfect, and the movie was pretty good but left out some scenes. The End.” 😛 So hopefully I’ll go see it 🙂

      Aw, thank you! I’m glad you think I’m outstanding 😀

  5. Hey, are you on Facebook? I’d like to friend you, if you’re there. If you are, could you post a comment on my blog with your FB name? All my comments are moderated anyway, so no one else will see it and I’ll just delete it after I get it.
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey! I do have a Facebook, but I don’t use it 😦 Also, for security reasons, I can’t give you my FB name because it has a ton of information about me/my family/where I live/etc. I’m very secure about my information, even with my blogging buddies. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to be FB friends with you, but my parents (and all that CyberSafety training from school 😛 ) wouldn’t let me give away so much personal information to someone I don’t know IRL. 😦

      I hope you understand 🙂 I do have an email address, a Tumblr, a Goodreads, and a Twitter account, though, if you’d like to talk off of WordPress, and you’re welcome to friend/follow me there as well. 😀

  6. Wow Alaska looks really pretty! I couldn’t think of a better place to read. Good luck with those edits and school. Don’t you wish the week could go slower? (I do.)

    • Yeah, it’s really beautiful up there 🙂 It’s fantastic to read there, although it’s a bit nippy, even late summer 😛


      I want like a month more of summer break! I procrastinated all summer, pretty much, and now I’m scrambling to get everything done. 😛 Heh heh…. *drifts off to do more work*

  7. Those photos are stunning! I’ve never been to Alaska actually, but I lived in Washington state for a while, which is kind of close? XD I’m applying for jobs soon, and as excited as I am about it, I’ll have less free time to write, read, and blog :/ I enjoy the field of work that I’m in, but it’s called work for a reason XD Good luck with school. It can be hard to balance life with your studies.

    I was without Wi-fi for a few days during my sister’s wedding and it was difficult, lol.

    You know, there was an anime that I love, and it was called, “The Scrapped Princess.” The first half of it was strictly fantasy and then it turned into sci-fi. I was like O.o I really loved the series. I wasn’t expecting it, so that made it unique.

    Good luck with your edits. I’m still editing that suicide story. Trying to finish up today XD I like editing, but it is taking me so long to do :$

    How do you like Grendel?

    • Thanks! Haha, I guess so 😛 It’s only like a day or two’s drive away? 😀 Yep. I generally enjoy school, however this post made it out to be, and the one thing I love about summer is that I have more time to write and blog. Because I never end up procrastinating my butt off. Thanks 🙂 I’m going to try to keep doing WUW and WWW along with one original post a week, but one of them may have to go (preferably one of the blog hops).

      Oh! Yep, life without wi-fi is hard 😦 I buried my sorrows over the loss in my books 😛

      I sort of like sci-fi/fantasy, but I think it needs to be marketed as such. Because I’m really confused when there’s suddenly magical fairies, and I’m just like, “Wait, is this supposed to be scientific?” 😛

      Yep. My characters are driving me NUTS, because they’re so annoying and keep deviating from the plotline and then returning back to it. It’s really weird, so there’s a ton of stuff I have to fix.

      I like the prose of Grendel, and I like all the stuff that’s there to analyze (since it’s for school, I’m analyzing as I go along), but honestly, I don’t know what the end goal is. To destroy Hrothgar and his mead-hall? Because we already know the outcome of that. But I like it better than Beowulf… Beowulf (the character) was so mean! Grendel is just a poor little monster.. 😥

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