(Book Blogger) Confession Time

Okay, guys. It’s Confession Time. Book blogger confession time. This is serious. 

Caution: post not as long as it seems. Contains awesome GIFs and bookgirl feels. Sort of. 

Which book most recently did you not finish?

… I don’t DNR my books, so… none? Although when I was younger I could never get through All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot, despite everyone around me telling me they were THE MOST FANTASTIC BOOKS EVER, especially if I wanted to be a vet. I just couldn’t get through the 150-page exposition and 20-page plot. I’m sorry, James.

Which book is your guilty pleasure?

Currently, all of them. Everyone I know has stopped reading, but since reading has become pretty much synonymous with blogging for me, I haven’t stopped, nor do I intend to stop anytime in the future. Last year, I didn’t read at all, and it was torture to me. My mom even pointed out that I seemed to have “no passion in life,” because that was during the three-month period during which I believed that I had to give up everything I loved to do well in school. Not. True. 

Which book do you love to hate?

Oh, easily Great Expectations by Charles Dickens! Although I did end up giving it 4/5 stars, somehow. I actually did like it. And the premise. And the plot was the most fantastical thing ever. So why do I love to hate it? … Let’s just say Pip and I have a love/hate relationship.

Which book would you throw into the sea?

… I’m sorry, did you just say throw a book into the sea??!?! That’s heresy. Blasphemous. I’ll excommunicate you. (Well, at least I learned my history terms.)

Which book have you read the most?

I believe this GIF speaks for itself. (BONUS, it has the words “every day” in it indicating frequent reading!)

Which book would you hate to receive as a present?

I’m always disappointed when people give me books that I already have. 😥 I just got SO EXCITED and then… oh.

Which book series could you not live without?

ALL OF YOU SHOULD GO READ THE HYBRID CHRONICLES RIGHT NOW, OKAY??!?! Good. Because they are So. Good. And have you even seen the covers? They’re–they’re–*bookgirls*

Right now, I’m dying because Echoes of Us has come out and I haven’t read it yet. So, yes. I cannot live without this series. At least currently.

Which book made you the angriest?

Pretty much synonymous with Great Expectations. See? I told you we have a love-hate relationship.

Which book made you cry the most?

A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron for sure. I own both of his books, but I can’t read them again, because they are so sad. Sorry, TFiOS fans, but this takes the dog biscuit. He heh. Get it?


Which book cover do you hate the most?


I’d have to say The 100 by Kass Morgan. So far, the book’s premise has been really good… but compare The 100’s cover to Day 21’s cover (which is its sequel, by the way). Normally, I despise TV show book covers, but THIS… it’s fantastic. I don’t understand why the first book’s cover couldn’t have been just as amazing.

Who do you tag?

Well, I was tagged by the wonderful Fantasy Angel over at the Avid Reader Blog, and now I’m apparently supposed to tag five bloggers.

So, erm, here you go:

  1. Pema Donyo (because I just read her book and it was fantastical)
  2. Nevillegirl (because I like tagging her in things because we generally agree on stuff)
  3. Victoria Davenport (because her blog is just amazing and she like so read so…)
  4. The Paper Butterfly (because she hasn’t posted lately, and I always love hearing her thoughts!)
  5. Mel (because her blog is absolutely awesome and she somehow manages to swallow literary fiction)

16 responses to “(Book Blogger) Confession Time

  1. College work has been killing me but I definitely want to do this tag. I think I’ve got a love/hate relationship with most classic novels, definitely. *eyes JANE EYRE with loving/hateful conflicted looks*

    • Good goodness, school has been killing me, too! It’s a drag just to finish homework… 😛 I usually blog on the weekends, but for once I didn’t have too much homework. 😀 Take your time posting it.

      UGH Pip. Sometimes I want to slice his head off, and other times I want to hug him and tell him he’s my BFF, and then I want to slap him in that pretentious little face of his and *shakes fist angrily*

  2. The book that made me angriest was the 5th Harry Potter book. I mean, it was awesome but Harry was always so angry and it was all so unfair. I was furious right alongside him. Took me the longest time to finish that book and I’ve never picked it up since. The movie made me super mad too but not like the book.

    • That’s interesting 😛 I think Harry’s actions were justifiable, but it didn’t make me angry, persay. I mean, I felt angry while reading, but not in my after-reaction to the book. And ironically, it was my favorite of the series the first time I read it. 🙂

      Right after Great Expectations, though, I’d have to say the book that’s made me the angriest was Allegiant by Veronica Roth. The gaping plot holes made me want to scream but I just nodded meekly along with my cousins as they remarked upon Ms. Roth’s fabulous writing and plotlines. The editor in me wanted to rip up that book and maybe even throw it into the sea. Although I did end up buying it as a a guide: what NOT to do when writing a novel. 😛

      • Its interesting that you think Allegiant had gaping holes. Why, then do you think it was so successful with such a fan following? Isnt it also going to be a movie soon? Perhaps, there is a lesson in it somewhere for all of us – struggling writers? What determines a successful book? Plot, story telling or mass appeal?

        • Well, Allegiant was the last book in the bestselling trilogy by Veronica Roth. Personally, I though Divergent (the first book) wasn’t too bad, and that Insurgent (the second book) was leading up to a really interesting climax. So I guess readers wanted to know what the climax was, and expected some more of Roth’s writing, which is pretty good. But Allegiant went in a completely different direction. So I guess the first book(s) in a series need to be good to gather a fan following, but then again, Roth has lost a lot of her readers because of the awful plot holes in Allegiant.

      • lol I hate it when a book has plot holes. It’s so aggravating. I want to dump them somewhere so I can forget my shame for ever having read them.

        It wasn’t Harry’s actions that made me mad. It was that pink pig lady. Pig demon more like. I forget her name now but the bad lady who was part of the Ministry who became a professor at Hogwarts and then proceeded to take over. ARGH! I HATED her! And everything she did to those kids! Made me so MAD!!! Awesome writing on Rowling’s part though. 😉 hehehe

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  4. Thanks for tagging me 😀 I just updated my blog. I got a job 8D That’s why I’ve been a bit absent lately. The first few weeks will probably be a bit rough because I haven’t worked in years, but after a month I’ll have more time 🙂 I need to be more organized XD Lists help me. I was tagged to do a few other ones in the past month. I’ll make my way through them one by one 😉

    Yeah, I have a similar feeling when I receive a gift I already have. It’s a bit like :S *tries to appear happy*. For me it’s the thought that counts! But yeah, you can’t help feeling a bit sad, lol.

    I haven’t read anything by Dickens.

    [censured content] I tried to write a make-out scene and it was awful XD I guess the discouraged me from trying again, lol.

    Sad animal stories are heart-wrenching. Have you ever heard of the story of Hachiko? It’s a true-story and it’s so poignant. http://gimundo.com/news/article/hachiko-the-worlds-most-loyal-dog/

    There is a Wikipedia article on him too, but the link has some Japanese characters so I couldn’t post it here. They have written books about him and made a movie. I never watched it because I know it would reduce me to a blubbering mess ;____; I think pets have souls and can love like humans. I also believe in furry soul-mates :3

    Anyway, back to studying for my job. Good to hear from you again 😀

    • No problem! Lists do help me, too 🙂 We’ll all still be here for you; we all know what it’s like to have to get back into the swing of something. 😀

      (Just fyi, I would prefer if you didn’t mention sort of “adult” or “mature” content in the comments, or even reference it. I have a lot of teen readers, and I just want to keep my blog appropriate for all ages. Thanks. 🙂 It’s not really a problem AT ALL, I just wanted to put that out there.)

      Oh, so cool! I always cry when I read sad animal stories. 😥 They’re just so… SAD! 😦 I think pets bring out the best in humans. They’re awesome ❤ I love working with them, and I look forward to working with them every day in the future! 😀

      Congrats again on your job!! 😀

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