Social Media (and My Characters)

Well, I was tagged by one of my best writing buddies (BWB?), Kate, in a social media tag she created herself! Isn’t that so cool? (Don’t tell me it isn’t. Or I will be very angry.)

Describe your plot in 140 characters or less.
Facebook is full of parents and grandparents! Who is your oldest character?

As for age, I’d say either Bellatris Dee from The CyberWorld or Mel Everson from Dear Melody. But if we’re talking about the character I’ve known the longest, I think that would be Lily, from an old project I did. 🙂

#SELFIE! Find a picture that resembles your character.

I’m going with Breeze on this one! A picture of her was relatively hard to find, but she pops up in my head most like this. But instead of black hair, her hair has gray streaks in it. Obviously there are no pictures like that online.


Designing’s the most fun part! How did you design the cover for your book?

CyberWorld Book Cover-Well, my book cover looks like this for those of you who haven’t seen it. I designed it myself, but if I publish it, it’ll probably be changed and designed by a professional artist. I also take no credit for any of the images used in this cover design; I used some files from the internet. 🙂

But I do still think it’s pretty; don’t you? 😀

Naming your blog is so hard! How did you name your book?

Um. Well, the place that the characters live in is called The CyberWorld, so it wasn’t very hard to choose 😛 Though I do think it will change as time goes on and rewrite over rewrite is written… I think it needs to have a better title, though. Any suggestions from what you’ve seen so far?

Ask your character one weird question and have them answer it.

I’ll be asking my villain, Bellatris for this question. She’s had a more interesting life than Breeze has.

Me: What’s your favorite color: (a) Tuesday; (b) Robin Hood; (c) sparrow; or (d) alfalfa?
Bella: Hm, I’d have to say Tuesday, although Robin Hood is nice. It reminds me of Earth, all the bright, vivid colors…
Me: Good choice, I’d say Tuesday, too. 😀
What kind of music do you listen to while you write? Or, what kind of music would your main character listen to?

Well, I don’t listen to music when I write, really. But I do find Mozart’s “Adagio” from his Clarinet Concerto really nice to listen to…

Jody: Oh, please, it’s just because you’re playing it!
All good things must come to an end. What was one book idea you were really into, but then lost interest in?

I’d have to say the novel which featured Lily and Talim. It was fantasy, and it was my first ever novel/novella, so it was bound to be bad. I’ve always thought about rewriting it, but  things always kept getting in the way–Lily: The CyberWorld. *coughcough*–yes, Lily, like The CyberWorld, so I’ve never gotten around to it.

Tag five people! GO!
  1. Victoria Davenport
  2. Engie (I know I’ve tagged you in EVERYTHING Engie, so if you don’t want to do this I get it 😛 )
  3. Morgan
  4. A.C. Melody
  5. YOU! If this sounds like fun to you do it.

I made a bunch of banners you can use if you want, which you can find here! 😀


10 responses to “Social Media (and My Characters)

  1. This was interesting 😀 To be honest, I’m awful at coming up with titles, generally. It takes me a long time. Is there a theme or a symbol that stands out in your novel? When I hear Cyberworld it makes me think of something dealing with computers or the Matrix. I’m not sure why it conjures up the Matrix, but it does. Sometimes I play around with ideas and type it into Amazon. I don’t copy the titles, but it helps inspire me if I’m stuck. Like, “A Crown of Dandelions,” was inspired by an Amazon search. The dandelions are a symbol of childhood innocence.

    Your book cover is beautiful 😀 Wow, you’re pretty talented at graphic arts. I’m feeling my age right now XD

    It’s nice to have a picture of Breeze so I can connect with her better when I read your story excerpts. I realized I need to do that with future short stories, find a person that they look like. In fanfiction the characters are already developed, lol. It’s a lot harder than I thought to create a character.

    Sometimes it’s just easier to write another story than it would be to edit and revise an old one. Even if I could publish my massive fanfic novel, it would be more work to edit the whole thing up to my current writing standards than it would be to write another novel.

    Some parts of this post are like a character interview, which I enjoy reading 🙂 There is a blogger I follow that does character interviews after a short story, and I think it’s really awesome at how developed her characters are. It really comes out in the interview.

    I was just talking with someone the other day about how it would be impossible to interview Zack from my fanfic. My story detailed his escape from the lab of a mad scientist to his death on a cliff. The military catches up with him and executes him. Hmmm, I don’t think he has time to do an interview. . .

    And Kyle and Emma from my suicide story are both deceased, so I don’t think they could do it either :/ I’ve spent the past two months revising that story, so I feel like I know Kyle pretty well at this point, but the only way to interview him would be to become a psychic and talk to him from the afterlife. Hmmm, that’s not a bad idea XD But it will be a long time before I can post it on my blog again >_>

    Okay, I need to finish cleaning the floors. This post was a nice distraction 😛

    • Oh, that’s a neat idea! I’ve been thinking of something along my main character’s name, but… meh. Some books there’s just a THING that is essentially the name of it, and others are more like Cybie :3 Oh, well. If I ever get it published (which I hope to), it’ll get its real name sooner or later. 😀

      Thanks! I spent quite a while working on that cover, even if it IS still a concept. 😛

      Oh, the character-interview-after-a-story sounds awesome! I’d do that, but I sometimes have trouble with dialogue without many descriptive pronouns. Like, if I can’t describe a character’s twitching fingers, you wouldn’t be able to tell they were nervous just from the dialogue. Probably a bad thing, but I’ll fix it. Sooner or later.

      Well, I guess you could do it like when they were still alive?? I don’t know. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. 😛

      Haha, thanks! Hope you have fun(??). 😛

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    • No problem! Looking forward to reading your post. 😀

      P.S. Oh, cool! I didn’t know who she was, I just sort of chose the picture. Kenzy’s a nice name with an unusual spelling… haha, they’re probably not 😛 If Breeze was around right now, she’d probably ask you who you were and what you want. 😛

      • Oh, well I’m not sure what the actress’s real name is, but she plays Kenzy on “Lost Girl.” She’s got her own kick butt now, take names later attitude! 🙂 I’m still interested in reading what you’re sharing on your book so far… Thanks again for sharing this fun tag!

  3. Agh…I was planning on tagging you, but you’ve already done it. Now I’ll have to find someone else. 😦
    I love the cover of your book! That is going to be the hardest part for me when I do the post since I don’t have one. I guess I’ll just explain what I want it to look like. 🙂

    • Ah, well! I’m so glad to see that the tag’s getting out there 😛 I love designing covers, but it took me YEARS to get the cover just right, concept-art-wise. 😀 Services like PicMonkey are really useful for such things. 😀

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