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Hi everyone! I’m back for another 8Sunday. 😀 This week’s excerpt doesn’t come from The CyberWorld; it comes from before the CyberWorld. A couple weeks ago, an idea for a piece of flash fiction hit me. This is a little snippet of what life was like just before the creation of the CyberWorld. Enjoy! 😀

I sat outside, the cold night air touching my numb skin; I was alone on the grassy hilltop, as I had been for the past hour, twisting my fingers around the strong, tall grass and watching the stars as they moved across the sky. An owl hooted somewhere in the cool, biting night, and I watched the sky’s colors shift, turning from the purple of the evening to the blue-black of the night.
In two days, I would never see the sky again. The grass, curled around my finger, was a little less green than it had been a week ago. The number of people alive had been halved. I looked over the horizon, watching the invisible molecules slowly creep across the landscape, threatening to kill anything they touched. I looked carefully at my skin; it had already infested me, working its way into my lungs and changing me into a deterioration of my physical self. My mind would go next, if the radiation didn’t kill me first.

Blog Post, Idea, and Novel Excerpt © Sabrina Wolfheart & the Books and Bark blog


I’m really excited to be writing this short story, especially because it involves some of the older characters who never appear in The CyberWorld. You guess who the narrator is! 😀 Of course it’s revealed in the story, but I’m interested to hear what you think. 🙂

In other exciting news, it will be my birthday in exactly two weeks! 😀 This makes me very, very happy. Even though October 19th is quite a ways away, I have already started sending out my (extensively long) TBR list to my friends. It’s actually on Sunday, so I’m thinking of doing something extra-special on the blog (perhaps there is an excerpt of The CyberWorld or Dear Melody that you especially want to see? Or an excerpt from another old/new project?). The Sunday after that is actually my dog’s birthday (and National Pit Bull Awareness Day… which is appropriate considering she’s a pittie). Yesterday, my mom finally let me go to Barnes & Noble and buy a physical book for the first time, I think, in 2014 (my physical book-buying ban has been lifted? I think not.). My room has become quite cluttered with all the physical books I already have, plus all the ARCs that have been coming in (not that I’m complaining, no, no, no! I love the books! Give me ALL the physical books!), that I think I may need another bookshelf. And considering my current bookshelf is floor-to-ceiling and all the shelves are filled and double-stacked, I think I may have a lot of books. I happened to get Parallel by Lauren Miller, seeing as it’s the type of book that I would write. Now away from the really long paragraph about all the books I own. Did you know that…

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month! 

EVERYONE needs to know this. This year, I started a campaign for pit bull advocacy to help pit bulls get rid of the bad rap they don’t deserve. In honor of National Pittie Awareness Month, I’m getting rid of the “start here” badge on the right-hand sidebar and replacing it with… *drumroll please*… THIS:


Feel free to download it and print it out, use it on your own blog, or do whatever else you want with it. If that design doesn’t appeal to you, there are also these:

Go celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Month. 

Signing off on a shamelessly long WeWriWa post/self-promotion of birthday (and happy 8Sunday!)

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15 responses to “WeWriWa | Before the CyberWorld

  1. Hey Sabrina!
    You excerpt left me with a lot of questions! I wanted to know more. Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with your WeWriWa posts so I’m not so sure who’s narrating 😦 …but, whoever it is, I feel sorry for them since they’re dying of radiation. Ouch!

    In case I’m too bogged down with school to “say” this to you: Happy Early Birthday! I suggest you use the day to kick back and relax. Maybe read some books, drink extra coffee, and read some more. Lol, that’s what I would do!

    Love the new badges–they’re so cute!

    • Thanks 😀 I’m glad it did. I’m not sure even people who have been keeping up with the excerpts would know who it is. I’m just curious to see who they’ll think it is. 🙂

      Thank you! And yep! I’ll try my best to. Unfortunately, high school has other plans for me… 😦

      Thanks! 😀 Happy National Pit Bull Awareness Month! ❤

  2. Wow, powerful excerpt, especially with the image of the grass slowly dying and then seguing to the same thing happening to the humans. I want to keep reading this story! Great snippet!

  3. Great snippet! It starts out so pretty and peaceful, and gradually turns awful. I definitely want to read more of this!

    And OMG, I would have loved to write as well as you when I was in high school!

    • Thanks, Christina! 🙂 And haha, what I can write is NOTHING compared to my friends; one of them won a national competition. I read her writing, and it was just… WHOA. But thank you. 😀

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  5. Ooh, this sounds awesome! You did a great job evoking the sadness, yearning, loss of someone losing something dear. The grass a little less green… really, great excerpt!

    Also, thanks for spreading the word about Pits!

    • Thanks, Kristy! 😀 I’d hoped for that effect. 🙂

      Happy National Pit Bull Awareness Month, to you! Feel free to use any of the badges above, and don’t forget to hashtag “endBSL” and “pitbullawarenessmonth” on Twitter. 😀

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