10 Ways a Pit Bull Can Kill You (With Love)

October 25th is National Pit Bull Awareness Day! And yes, I am aware that my post is a day late. (Also, my dog would like me to inform you that tomorrow is her birthday.)

Stanley’s graduation photo. He doesn’t really need glasses, but they do make him look SO adorable.

This is Stanley. He is a pit bull.

He is also a recent graduate from the University of Barkford (U-Bark), California, and has a major in Being Love-A-Bull from U-Bark’s School of Essential Skills. He’s also an ambass-a-dog for the pit bull breed. Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Stanley on Books and Bark.

Me: Hi, Stanley! How are you?

Stanley: Good, thank you very much. Here, have a paw. I do very good “shakes.”

Me: Very nice to meet you, Stanley. Good Shake! So, tell me, Stanley: how are you an ambass-a-dog for pit bulls?

Stanley: Ah, yes, cutting right to the squirrel! Well, I am an honors graduate from the School of Essentiall Skills. Which means that I am rather good at giving my People lots and lots of love. Also, I protect them from those evil, evil creatures called Rakkoons.

Me: Good for you, Stanley! What do you have to say about the misconceptions about the pit bull breed?

Stanley: Well, for one, we don’t attack anything and everything. Only squirrels. And sometimes treats. And also, I am a very good “nanny.” Plus, I only cost a couple of treats. And I can make everyone laugh. Last week, I licked my Little Person’s nose. She was very happy. I’m good at my job.

Me: Wow! Only a couple treats you say? Although my pittie would probably object to having another nanny around… What other skills do you have, Stanley?

Stanley: I’m really good at cleaning. Especially the kitchen. I relieve Mom of so much work… I’m really good at my job.

Me: Ah, yes. My pittie is good at cleaning, too. But my mom doesn’t like it for some reason.

Stanley: *nods* My mom is strange like that, too.

Me: How have you, personally, been treated by others as a result of misconceptions about pit bulls?

Stanley: Oh. Well, it’s bad. Once, when I was taking my Little Person for a walk (don’t worry, she was on a Leash, so she was safe), one man said that I was “dangerous” and wanted to take my Little Person away from me. … It makes me feel like a Bad Dog. 😥

Me: Stanley, you sound like a very Good Dog! Keeping your Little Person on a leash is a good idea. My doggie would agree. We tend to wander off. (*my dog nods vigorously in the background*)

Stanley: Thank you! I’m afraid I must go back to my Little Person now.

Me: Of course! Well, it was wonderful having you here, Stanley! Congratulations on graduating. 😀

October 25th is National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

In honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day, Stanley has left me a list of the misconceptions about pit bulls, and the way pitties really do harm people.

  1. We lick people to death.
  2. We snuggle people to death.
  3. We worry about people (to death).
  4. We love them to death.
  5. Well, sometimes, we sit on them to give them kisses, and, uh…
  6. We growl at raccoons and protect the house (victory or death!)
  7. We’re just so darn cute. It’s recommended to cover your eyes while looking at us.
  8. Dude. You need to buy us treats, and gourmet food, and posture-pedic beds. At least two per dog. And no, we don’t share. We do not come cheap.
  9. Did I mention our cuteness? Even cats think we’re cute.
  10. Sometimes we will destroy the furniture when we get bored. Sorry. But you should have left us some really tough chew toys! (Or a squirrel. Squirrels are always an option…)

Even though it’s now October 26th, let’s spread pit bull awareness. Still not on board with the whole pits-are-nice-dogs-thing? Check out this wonderful article dispelling myths about pit bulls from Huffington Post (the one news source that’s getting it RIGHT!). Also, check out BAD RAP or this article from the ASPCA website. 😀

Happy N.P.B.A.D.! (Oh, gosh, that’s a really, really bad acronym…) 😛

11 responses to “10 Ways a Pit Bull Can Kill You (With Love)

  1. Thanks for writing this. Not enough is done, imho for pitbull awareness and to end BSL (breed specific legislation) against these cute, innocent, sweethearts! Pitbulls were the darling breed, known as the nanny dog, long before they became victimized!

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