(No-Longer) Birthday Book Haul

No, it is no longer my birthday. Sadly. Because a number of very pretty packages happened to arrive on our doorstep on October 19th (which, coincidentally, happens to be my birthday).

Yes, yes, I know. I was supposed to have this post up LAST WEEK (…oops), but there was a problem with the shipping of some of my books, and they only just arrived on the 23rd. By which time I was too busy freaking out over school to even think about book hauls. So yes, bloglings (okay, NEVER saying that again), today, I shall be sharing with you *dramatic pause* the mighty book haul.

And it seriously is mighty. Just take a look at it:

Okay, considering there are about 20 books in the haul, I’m not going to go over all of them. Not just yet. I want to do reviews for all of them, but for now, I’m just going to be telling you my initial thoughts on them. Here we go:

The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer: WAIT WHAT THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION HAS A SEQUEL??? NO WAY! MUST. HAVE. (No, this book is not REALLY about opium. It’s got eejits and clones and an old creepy guy… what more could you want?)

Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang: I read this book the day I got it. Not only is there a cute inscription in it from my dog (ask about it, it’s a long story 😛 ), but it is a fantastic book. It deals with the difficult issues of suicide and teen life. Amy Zhang is a teen, too, so that’s pretty cool. (I’ll probably be posting a lengthier review at a later time.)

Too Far by Rich Shapero: This actually wasn’t on my TBR, but my friend gave it to me. It looks very Bridge-to-Terabithia like (one of my favorite books as a kid) and my friend said she read it and liked it, so fingers crossed! I fear that it won’t live up to The Bridge to Terabithia, though.

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness: SUCH A FAT BOOK. J’ADORE LES LIVRES GROS! (I like fat books.) A ton of my Goodreads friends have been recommending this to me, and considering I’m a sci-fi fan (even though it isn’t sci-fi, persay)… well, I had to give it a try. I read the first few pages, and it starts with a man. Talking telepathically to a dog. I am very much hooked. I’ll definitely be reading it over Veteran’s Day weekend! 😀

The Program by Suzanne Young: A suicide epidemic? This sounded really interesting. So of course I had to get my sticky little bookish fingers on it. Although I am a bit apprehensive about the main character, Sloane (I like books with strong female characters, and I’ve heard Sloane is a bit… meh), I still do want to read it. And as much as I normally dislike covers with people on them, this book does it so beautifully! It makes me so excited to read it.

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys: No, this is not the other, more famously known novel containing the word “gray.” Between Shades of Gray is about Soviet Russia. Just saying. My friend gave it to me, and then my other blogging buddy, Kate of Ravings of a Dead Poet, said it was one of her all-time favorite books. Even though historical fiction isn’t my *favorite* genre, I’m definitely willing to give this one a try.

King Lear by William Shakespeare: Believe it or not, I actually wanted this book. (GASP!) But a lot of my blogging friends (specifically one of my blogging idols, Melanie of InkOutLoud), have said that they liked King Lear. Also, I’m a huge Spearenerd (yes, that is now the official term for Shakespeare fan).

Hamlet by William Shakespeare: Yeah, I know. It’s not Macbeth or Lear, but I guess it’ll have to do.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Another one of my friends got me this because she thought I would like it (let’s face it, guys, I have the best friends EVER), and I think I will. Plus, she gave me tea with it and a giant s’more bar, so you, know, that’s a deal-breaker.

Cress by Marissa Meyer: Yay! It’s finally here! On my Kindle, but here! 😀 MUST. FIND OUT. WHAT HAPPENS. (I READ IT AND WHOA IT HAPPENED IT HAPPENED IT HAPPENED *crazy fangirlish squeals commence*)

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: THIS HAS BEEN ON MY TBR FOR SO LONG. I read it. And then I wrote a long, complicated post about my feelings about it. (Is Cath me?)

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson: Nevillegirl from Musings from Neville’s Navel recommended this to me, and it looked pretty interesting. Emily reminds me of myself a little bit, so I’m interested to see how this turns out…

Graceling by Kristin Cashore: No joke, I’ve been waiting to read this since my friend recommended it to me five years ago. FIVE YEARS AGO. It is finally on my Kindle, and I think Katsa is a beautiful name. 🙂

And, of course, my beautiful signed copy of What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang arrived. So therefore it counts. Even though I won it and it wasn’t really for my birthday at all. And we all know how I feel about What’s Left of Me. (And if you don’t know, you can check out my review of it!) I guess I have two copies now, but that never hurts, does it?

Well, I didn’t cover everything on my book haul (even though this WAS a lot of books), but tell me what you thought of these books and if you liked them or not! 😀

Looking forward to a very, very good reading year,



5 responses to “(No-Longer) Birthday Book Haul

  1. Okay, I hope this doesn’t get too long:

    I don’t read that much historical fiction, but Between Shades of Gray is really good. Her second book is great too. Marginally less depressing.

    CRESS *flails*

    I preferred the sequel to Graceling, but Katsa is seriously kick-ass.

    If the grammar/spelling thing in The Knife of Never Letting Go irritates you, ignore it. It’s awesome. A lot of people prefer the first book in the trilogy but I though it got better.

    FANGIRL. *flails again*

    Okay. I think that was everything I wanted to say. Phew… 🙂

    • Never fear! Long comments are my favorites! 😀

      Okay. I think I need to read this Between Shades of Gray book now. It’s got like a 4.5 average rating on Goodreads and EVERYONE has been recommending it to me.

      CRESSS *flails with you* I. CANNOT. WAIT. FOR. WINTER. Whispers: IT HAPPENED…

      Hm, yes, I’ve heard a lot of people say that, but I guess I have to read the first book before the second 😛

      I usually like first book better, but it depends on the series, really. My TBR pile is getting to large. I read too many series.

      FANGIRL WAS SO GOOD ❤ Although the ending didn't turn out quite the way I was expecting it to…

      Speak, my little bloggy friends! Speak! We are here to fangirl over our favorite books and just basically talk a lot, anyways 😛

      • *solemn nod* Fangirling over books is a highly important activity. 😀

        I literally. CANNOT. WAIT. For. Winter.

        Rainbow Rowell’s books are all excellent. And the cover for Fangirl was drawn by Noelle Stevenson. (She writes a cool comic. I like coincidences. 🙂 )

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