Top Books of 2014

I sadly didn’t jump on the bandwagon with Top Ten Tuesday last week because of finals, but I still wanted to share my top books of 2014! Considering I’ve only read 45-ish books this year, the list will probably be very short… but then I get to pelt you with reasons to read these wonderful things!

204864041) Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

My Rambles: Maybe it’s because I’m still on what some call a “book high,” having finished it less than 12 hours ago, but this. Book. Is. The. Best. Hands down. I’m SO SO SO glad that I requested it for review! 😀 GO READ IT. NOW. (Or, uh, when it comes out January 13th, 2015. But it still counts for my 2014 list, okay?)

The Story: Basically, aliens called the E’rikon have come to Earth, whose population has been devastated in the Collapse. Jax’s twin brother, Jace, is taken by these aliens, and they leave one of them–Lir–behind. Jax and Lir end up working together to try and save Jace from the EEEEEEVVVVIIIILLLLL.

Rating: 5/5 Wagging Tails (full review coming next week!)

2) Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky

My Rambles: The. Best. LGBTQ+ book. Ever. Grayson is just the most amazing character to read about, as are his Aunt, Uncle, cousins, classmates, and teacher, Finn.

The Story: Grayson Sender lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousins after his parents died in a car crash. He seems like a normal, happy boy–on the outside–but on the inside, Grayson is not. In reality, Grayson is transgender, and, when she auditions for a girl’s part in the school play, must come to terms with the reactions of her family, friends, and teachers.

My Rating: 5/5 Wagging Tails

3) What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang

My Rambles: DOESN’T THIS BOOK HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COVER EVER???? Uh, yeah. Right. Talking about the actual story. Ahem. I LOVED Eva’s narration style–it was beautiful and melodic. I mean, look at this: “Addie and I were born into the same body, our souls’ ghostly fingers entwined before we gasped our very first breath.” Um. Talk about beautiful? And the plot was just *la* and yeah.

The Story: Eva lives in a world where two souls are born into every body. At a very young age, the recessive soul is supposed to die off, and the dominant soul is supposed to take over. But though Eva hasn’t been able to walk and talk for the past three years, she’s still there. When Eva and Addie–the dominant soul–discover that there might be a way for Eva to walk and talk again, they’ll do anything.

My Rating: 5/5 Wagging Tails

4) Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

My Rambles: Haha, you thought you could get a list of my favorite books of 2014 without this one on it? I don’t think so! I LOVED THE FRIENDSHIPS! 😀 (Thanks for the recommendation, Engie!) Okay, I’ll admit Sloane wasn’t my favorite at times, but Emily and Frank are two of my new favorite characters. Besides Hermoine and Jax and Lir, of course.

The Story: Emily, for the past two years, has relied on Sloane. Although she’s socially awkward, Emily has found that, with Sloane, she can do anything. But when Sloane disappears, leaving Emily only a list of challenges to do… well, Emily will do anything to get her best friend back–apparently, with the help of Class President Frank Porter.

Rating: 4.5/5 Wagging Tails (review coming soon-ish)

cinder5) Cinder by Marissa Meyer

My Rambles: OH LOOK ANOTHER FANTABULOUS BEAUTIFUL YA BOOK COVER PREEETTTYYYYY… and with cyborgs! AH-HA! (Is that even how it’s spelled? Now it is.) I honestly read this book slowly. You know how a lot of people say they read fast because they couldn’t put it down? Well, I read books in one sitting, if I can (partially because I never know if I’ll be able to get back to them if I don’t finish them right away), but this book just made me want to savor it! I LOVE the idea of Cinderella being a cyborg, the Prince being the Emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth, and the fairy godmother… er, godfather?–anyways, being a mad scientist employed by the Prince.

The Story: Cinder, a cyborg mechanic in the distant future, must escape the clutches of her evil stepmother Adri and save the Prince from his impending marriage to the evil queen of Luna (which is another planet). Oh, and did I mention: her stepmother has her foot?

Rating: 4.5/5 Wagging Tails

What were YOUR favorite books of 2014? Tell me about them!

2 responses to “Top Books of 2014

  1. Ah, they all sound brilliant (What’s Left of Me…ooh dystopia junkie)! I want to read Since You’ve Been Gone and then I don’t, and then I really, really do, and then I definitely don’t. GAH!

    • Yep! (What’s Left of Me isn’t really dystopia, more like speculative fiction, I guess? It gets REALLY mislabeled because it’s one of those books that just can’t be fit into one genre.)


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