Happy New Year & My 2015 Bucket (Book-et?) List

Welcome friends, and join me as we come to another year. It’s 2015! Can you believe it?

Uh, okay. You don’t have to be so creepy about it, though.

Last year I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in 2014. And I finished all of them!

This year, I’m making a bucket list of all the things I want to do in 2015!

  1. Finish editing The CyberWorld. For real.
  2. Read at least 50 books. (But not at the expense of your grades.)
  3. Review at least 25 books. (A low number, I’m shooting to exceed it.)
  4. Master the use of GIFs on your awesome blog.
  5. Write another novel. Or at least start writing one.
  6. Stop procrastinating. (Watch the whole GIF. You will not regret it.)
  7. Publish something else.
  8. Draft a query letter.
  9. Bake something by yourself (and don’t burn it).

    Mm, cookies!

  10. Read a Shakespeare book in your free time.
  11. Don’t worsen your carpel tunnel. (Ha. Like that’s going to happen.)
  12. Excercise on a (semi-)regular basis.
  13. Do something bad. (Not illegal: BAD. Like reading underneath the covers with a penlight.)
  14. Play a practical joke on someone. (My eighth grade history teacher actually told me to go and get a detention in high school. I have never gotten a detention.)
  15. Learn the natural order of things: School. Novel. THEN, and ONLY THEN, Blog.

These are less New Year’s resolutions, which I no longer make (because I never keep them), but more challenges to myself. It helps to have a list of them, because I’m a very competitive person and MUST FINISH ALL THE ITEMS ON MY LIST.

In 2014, I, courtesy of my bucket list items, 

wrote a novel, consistently wrote a blog, published stuff online, got 5o blog followers (many, many more than that, actually!), learned how to prepare doggie medication, advocated for shelters, started advocating, was good to my dog, auditoned for a lot of things on clarinet and got into ALL of them, learned CSS coding, reviewed a ton more than 5 books on this blog, helped out animals, modified my handwriting (aka creating my own font), started editing my novel, and learned how to act like I cared about fashion and shopping normal!

Oh, and the very last thing of 2014? Which I did just as we left for the party? The very last act of my life, ever, in 2014? I REVISED THE PLOTLINE OF THE CYBERWORLD! AND WROTE AN OUTLINE! Which is something I’ve been struggling with all year, since I finished my novel in April. So yay!

But anyhow… I shall now stop keeping you from the festive New Year’s celebrations which you are no doubt enjoying. (Or maybe not yet? Or perhaps they were yesterday? It’s so weird how some people are still in 2014, and I’m already in 2015!)


6 responses to “Happy New Year & My 2015 Bucket (Book-et?) List

  1. I must bake something other than chocolate cake, too. That’s one mutual goal we have there XD Nahh, us folks are totally normal – it’s the rest of the world that needs to act like us to reach a healthy level of awesome.

    Happy New Year, Sabri! ❤ Good luck with all your goals.

    • Ahahhahah…. I can’t even bake chocolate cake. Last time I tried baking something not from a package, I nearly exploded the kitchen. Mind you, I nearly exploded cookies I was baking from a package, too. 😛 Of course! I mean, if they think we aren’t normal, that’s probably just because we have an elevated intelligence level and our awesomeness is too amazing to comprehend. 😀

      Happy (two days late!) New Year! 😀

  2. I’m reading your blog after ages now. (Was busy with college and what-not.) I was struck with how awesome your blog generally is and why I loved it in the first place!
    Kudos on accomplishing your resolutions from 2014 and best of luck for the year ahead.

    Have a great year! 🙂

    • I totally understand you! (See? I’m even replying to you two days late… although that’s probably because my laptop died and I was too lazy to find the charger. 😛 ) Why, thank you! 🙂 I’m glad you find my blog awesome. 😀
      Thanks! I did cheat my way around some of them… like handwriting is not technically a font, but then it technically is? 😛

      You too! 😀

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