Becoming a Tourist


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Today, I realized I don’t have the right words. And that’s okay. Because I’m going to let the pictures speak for me, on the most part. A picture is worth 1,000 words, right? (Wrong, because then this post would be the length of a small novel.)

Today, when I picked up my camera and decided to take some photographs, I didn’t know a lot of the things about myself I knew afterwards. (Okay, wow, that’s really cheesy.) And maybe it’s only partially true. But there’s a lot of negativity in this world, and until after I took these photographs, I didn’t realize my photography actually might be worth something. That maybe it is it’s own reality.

While I was shooting, I realized I really, really like close-ups, of everything. I like seeing the small details, the texture. And I look at the bigger picture–maybe some turned-over boots and a dog lying in the dirt and an old barbecue we never use–and I zoom in, and take that one small flower. I like detail, yes. And that does say something about me. But maybe it’s more than that. Maybe by zooming in, I can find some beauty, some quirk, some blatant individuality, out of a landscape of plainness. I’m really all about words in the end, and zooming in helps me see the character’s story. It’s just a theory, of course. But maybe the fact that I came up with this theory at all says a lot about me.

Sometimes, I feel like society is delivering the message that we suck. Ultimately, I shoot from my heart, and maybe that’s all that matters. If I can give my black-and-white words life and color, why should it be so hard for me to give my photographs a mouth?

What do you see in my photography, and what does that say about you?

All Images without credit © The Books and Bark blog

16 responses to “Becoming a Tourist

    • Thank you! Although I think it’s mostly my camera, lol. 😛
      (Yes, yes she is. She accepts your compliments, and places them in her large pile of “Received Compliments,” which is about as large as the Eiffel Tower. 😛 )

  1. Can I like be a partial mother to your dog? Tell her she is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and therefore probably has about 1,00099999866372729 people all over (maybe just a slight exaggeration but oh well) that adore her. Also, your photography skills are wonderful, you take very artsy image 🍒🍉

  2. I think you like flowers. And dogs. This is a great post not only b/c it’s different but you found out something about yourself.
    I see that you describe yourself as a quirky teenage girl, but you come across much older (that’s a compliment, until you turn about 35 or so LOL).
    Sorry it’s been awhile, but I love this post!

    • Ha ha, how did you guess? 🙂 Although I prefer growing them and photographing them to actually LOOKING at them.
      Well, I am rather quirky, I think. (I have the right to say this because nobody I have ever met has memorized every font style in MS word.) Exam season and tax season has been about, so I think everyone’s a bit behind on things. 😀 Thanks for popping by though! 🙂

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