New Blog Design // Where I’ve Been All May + Half of June

That’s right, blogglings!


And better than ever before, because I have a new blog design for you!


Um, okay. I’ll admit it. I have developed a bit of a… GIF addiction while I’ve been gone. BUT IT’S OKAY, BLOGGLINGS. GIFs are good. GIFs are exciting. GIFs open so many new doors. GIFS can change your world! Okay, not really.


Have you seen the new blog design??


Okay, I’ll stop now.

This year was my hardest year of high school so far, and I think I’ve done rather well. So I’m just going to (briefly) recap everything I’m proud of doing this year!

1) Blogged consistently

OH MY GOSH, this was SO HARD for me at first. Last summer was when I really started to make connections and really start enjoying the blogging world… which meant for the first time people actually read my posts. So I have to admit there was a bit of pressure for me to keep posting, and yes, I DID drop off the wagon for May and half of June, but now that it’s summer, I’ve caught up! I actually wrote quite a bit during May, just never published a blog post, oddly. (In fact, the Sherlock Holmes post was written at the start of May.) Also, I spent a large portion of May designing the new blog and coding a lot of it, so it was easier to install. So I think I did pretty well in this respect.

2) Read consistently

Um, OF COURSE my TBR stack just about touches the ceiling… but then again, doesn’t it always? In 2015 alone, I’ve read over 36 books, which is something I’m really proud of, considering I juggled five advanced classes this year.

3) Performed at Carnegie Hall!

Okay, so this was a while ago. But in February I went to Carnegie Hall in New York City as part of an Honors Band! The hall is SO AMAZING. There’s nothing like it. You just sit and there is this gold gilding all around you and maybe part of you expected it to be grander because the floors are just wood, and then you look out into the audience and you know those red puffy seats? Yeah, well, they just keep going, up and up and up and you have to tilt your head back, and on the ceiling, the most beautiful gildwork. I’d show you a picture, but it can’t even BEGIN to describe what it felt sitting there.

It's sort of like this picture, it's perfectly what I just described, but then the picture fails to put an image to what I just described completely.

It’s sort of like this picture, it’s perfectly what I just described, but then the picture fails to put an image to what I just described completely.

4) Learned I’m Actually Good At Calculus

So apparently I’m better at actual calculus than precalculus? GOOD TO KNOW.

5) Grew a Green Thumb


I grew plants! And they didn’t die! For AP Bio next year, we need to grow a begonia (left) and a coleus (right), and you know about my succulent, Arnold Richelieu. I’ve decided to name my begonia Louise Lowry (Louise courtesy of one of my friends), and my coleus Margaret Anne Atwood, or Peggy for short. This picture’s from a while ago, but now Louise has even MORE flowers, three to be exact. (PSSST! If any of you know how to care for begonias or coleuses (colei?), PLEASE TELL ME. I just grew a green thumb and with all this blogging I’m afraid it just might fall off.)

6) Got into photography again!

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a REALLY LONG TIME. So I grabbed Lady Macbeth (… yes I named my camera Lady M, is there a problem?) and I’m happy to say I like the results!


  • Write at least one blog post a week (hopefully)
  • Edit my novel/Work on writing a new one
  • Do schoolish things like summer homework
  • Farm (it’s… complicated)
  • Read a lot (but not at the expense of my homework)
  • Maybe actually sleep on time?
  • dislike the weather
  • confirm that, yes, summer is my least favorite season

OH, and if anyone wants to compare summer reading with me, here’s mine:

(I actually don’t understand why The Beginning of Everything is on an AP English class’s summer reading list, but apparently my school is unaware of classic fiction that is typically read in such a class.)

Well, I think that’s all. What are you going to be doing this summer, and how was your school year? ALSO how do you like the new blog design? Is there anything you want me to change/add to it or anything you miss from the old design?

6 responses to “New Blog Design // Where I’ve Been All May + Half of June

  1. I always love your posts…welcome back! I bet it feels good to be finished school. I’m interested in what instrument you play? I have a tuba and clarinet player.
    Best of luck with Peggy and Louise and most of all, I can’t wait to read your weekly (mostly) posts! Happy Summer!

    • Thank you! I’m a clarinet player as well (B flat clarinet), and I truly do love playing it. 😀
      Thanks! I’ll be needing it. 🙂 And I’m excited to be writing them!

    • Well, I don’t know if I’m actually GOOD at it. Basically we learned about half of calculus this year in addition to precalculus, and I scored consistently higher on the calculus than on the precalculus. It’s sort of a motivational reminder for me here, because I tend to freak out quite a bit over math. 🙂

  2. personally, I’m still an advocate for Louise FLowry…. 🙂 but good luck taking care of them!! Your fellow bio enthusiast is always here to accompany you in nerding out over how COOL BIO IS.

    • BUT THEN IT’S NOT A TERRIBLE WRITER PUN. *bows* Thank you, Lady (Dame? Sir?) Fellow Bio Enthusiast. I shall be in great need of your expertise in regards to the plants Dames (Ladies? Sirs?) Atwood and Lowry.

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