Top Ten Tuesday // My Newest Bookish Babies


AHHH I LOVE Top Ten TuesdayI just discovered it last week, but it’s pretty amazing and I love the prompts and the community. Plus, all of my bookish blogger friends participate in it, so I think I should, too. Because peer pressure and all. But of the good sort.

This week’s prompt is: last ten books that came into my possession. 

I don’t buy a lot of books. BUT I WANT ALL THE BOOKS.


(You see, it’s all part of my goal to reach bookish domination. Unfortunately, I am broke. This is what being a high school student, living with your parents, and not having a job does to you.)

But apparently I own a lot of books.

This is what having a kindly aunt does to you. I kind of blew my book-buying budget for the summer (my parents gave me $30 for ebooks and that plus one physical book was supposed to be it), because I got WAY TOO MANY BOOKS but, Mother, when you read this: I found shelf space for ALL of them in my room. And no, the books on display are not on display because they don’t have shelf space. They are on display because I want to have my books on display. I WANT TO LIVE IN A MINIATURE LIBRARY. (*hint coughmybirthdaygiftinlikesixmonthshuhcough hint*)

1) ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES by Jennifer Niven


GASP I used the same picture last week, what shame what shame. *clucks tongue mournfully* I just finished reading this yesterday, actually, and it’s quite good. Not as sad as I was expecting it to be, though, even though sad things happen. Sad things happen very often in YA contemporary. In fact, sad things happen so often, I no longer cry at them. It’s saddening.

2) A TALE OF TWO CITIES by Charles Dickens

unnamed (1)

Courtesy of my mother. I wasn’t supposed to buy a book, but you can’t send both of us into a book shop and expect us to come out with nothing, can you?!

IMG_5021 (1)


This was adorable and courtesy of my aunt. The parents were nice and sweet and supportive, and I LOVED Ari and Dante to bits, but I think the family situations were a bit too idyllic, minus Ari’s brother’s problems. I don’t know. My parents are divorced and so are a lot of my classmates’, but who knows? I have a great mother, but one thing I do hate is how having happily married parents suddenly makes books a whole lot better to some reviewers. I’m ranting a bit now. I should probably write a full review.

4) DELIRIUM by Lauren Oliver

(Book courtesy of my aunt.) I actually liked this one more than I thought I would. Basically love is an infection to be avoided at all costs and Girl, SURPRISE SURPRISE, goes and falls in love. GASP.



I’m going to cheat a little here and list both together because they’re by the same author, but I really didn’t acquire them at the same time or by the same means. I bought Throne of Glass right before The Beginning of Everything (see below), but, well… who cares? ALL THE BOOKS. ToG I bought for myself, and CoM was a gift from my lovely aunt.

6) PIVOT POINT by Kasie West


I got this and Second Chance Summer as ebook road-trip-reading. I’ve heard a LOT of great things about Kasie West and her books, and while the storyline was cutesy and nice, it just wasn’t my *favorite* book in the world. I liked the sci-fi mixed with contemporary, although I’ve been noticing I dislike books which largely take place in a school environment?

7) SECOND CHANCE SUMMER by Morgan Matson

IMG_32263 (1)

I ADORED Since You’ve Been Gone and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, but Second Chance Summer just didn’t work for me. Matson’s other two books really concentrated on the problems surrounding the MC’s life and the romance was just a side plot, but for this, the fluff REALLY took over the book.



A lot of people didn’t like this one because it went all sci-fi, but I LOVED it. It was a bit slow and Ollie and Moritz did tend to get a bit long-winded, but it was a really sweet book and honestly for me the sci-fi and contemporary mix worked, no matter how odd it was. I like odd things. Why else would I like White Collar or Doctor Who? *coughflyingblueboxandsunkennazitreasurecough*




Well, not my favorite book in the world. I bought this one for school as an ebook because it was on sale for $2 and apparently my school has wild ideas about what summer reading for AP students should be. (Don’t worry, my literary career is safe. I’m reading Shakespeare for fun and we had 300+ pages of essays and 200+ pages of grammar and essay writing guides, too.)

10) EVERY LAST WORD by Tamara Ireland Stone

FullSizeRender (1) (1)

I got this for review and MY oh MY was it fabulous. It’s about a girl with OCD who struggles through everyday life because of it and basically how she copes with it. GO READ IT.

Which books make up YOUR newest bookish babies? Also, how does one keep oneself from going broke due to books? Is there some sort of magical self-regulation method I have not yet discovered??

25 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday // My Newest Bookish Babies

  1. Over the last two weeks I ended up with every Sarah J. Maas book and they are all so beautiful. Now to wait for Queen of Shadows!

    • THE WAIT FOR PAPERBACK IS SO PAINFUL. I won’t let myself get Heir Of Fire/The Assassin’s Blade until they come out in paperback because hardcovers are like $10 more expensive. *SIGHS LOUDLY* Thanks for dropping by the blog!

      • I LOVE PAPERBACKS. I bought all her books from Book Depository so I could get the UK paperback covers for Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire.

        • *FANGIRLS LOUDLY* WAIT YOU CAN DO THAT?? *rushes to Book Depository to place an order, because UK paperbacks are almost always better* I’m sort of obsessed with white book covers but don’t have any sadly because life is cruel and the US has oddly deemed color to be more appropriate for a book cover?? Like, what?? It is an odd country which we live in.

          • YES YOU CAN. UK COVERS > most US covers, to be honest. I love white covers so much, my next set of white covers needs to be all of Brandon Sanderson’s books. They are so beautiful. It is an odd country! I’m still not use to it.

            • OMG I just checked it out and that is AMAZING. AND THEY HAVE FREE SHIPPING, TOO. *sighs and faints in bookish heaven* Honestly, if I had any money left over from my book buying budget… *squeals really really really really really loudly* AND OMIGOSH IS THAT THE NEW “ADULT” HARRY POTTER COVER SET I SEE?? I NEEDS MORE HARRY POTTER.
              (Ah, I checked out your blog and see you’re originally from Canada. NICE. I hear they have peaceful people and meese (mooses? moosi? we’re all very confused here) over there.)

              • ahahahaha! I love Book Depository! Except I just got some birthday money but it’s in CAD so the price jump from USD is crazy! It’s begging me to spend on BD though. DDDD:

                I admit, I have no HP books anymore, they were lost between moves years ago and have just never been replaced.

                It’s definitely a lot more peaceful than where I live now! and it’s actually just Moose! It’s weird.

                • I love it too, now! 😀 I’ve always heard of it, just never used it, and they have great reduced pricing. GAH, money converters. We should just all barter in books, and other useless items, like sports equipment. Although that would most likely be of little value.

                  I have many HP books, and admittedly my mother would probably murder me if I proposed buying another set. I bought all the books myself and then a friend of my aunt’s gave me a ton of copies she just wanted to get rid of, so now I have two copies of almost every book.

                  Odd. Veeeerrrrrryyyy odd. See, English is a weird language. American English is even weirder. And America is possibly weirdest.

                  • They really do! That free worldwide shipping gets me every time. I agree we should just barter again! Though I have no sports equipment, I do have a ton of candles though o_o that’s probably weird.

                    HP has so many great covers, even if I did replace them I’d have no idea what ones I’d actually want. I mean, only two copies of each isn’t TOO bad.

                    I hate English, it’s my first language and it’s confusing even to me. I’m told that Canadian/British English is even weirder. America is definitely weird and more strange than most.

                    • Lol no, we have so many candles in my house I don’t think we’re going to get through all of them. PLUS some of the cooler-looking ones I just don’t want to light because then they’ll melt down.

                      I know! Currently I only own the original US covers, plus one UK cover (long story, but someone from a different country gave it to me as a gift), but I soooooooo want the new US ones (they make a picture of Hogwarts when they’re shelved together!!) and I LOVE the new “adult” UK ones. BUT ALAS. I don’t have another $100 to spend on a book series.

                      I like English a better than a lot of other languages (probably because it’s the only language I can speak fluently). My aunt speaks British English while my mom speaks American English (they both grew up outside of the US), but I am SO CONFUZZLED SOMETIMES. Like are you saying mad or are you saying mad? Or are you saying fries or are you saying fries? I think the funniest thing I’ve ever seen was American English labeled as “English Simplified” and UK/Canadian English labeled as “English Traditional.” 😀

  2. There are so many good books on your list 🙂 I loved Second Chance Summer and the Sarah J Maas books. I hope you enjoy all of these.

    • I know! I’ve actually read mostly all of these (because I was lazy and read books instead of replying to comments) and I liked Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight but wasn’t such a big fan of Second Chance Summer. I think it’s mostly because Matson’s other books led me to expect more character-building and sadness and plot instead of romance.

  3. omg that Ari and Dante version is SO GORGEOUS. And tbh I’ve been nursing the book like it’s my baby. The typography too ❤ AND YES YES YES TO SARAH J MAAS. Throne of Glass is amazing. The first one may not be AS good as it's made out to be, by trust me, you'll be addicted. And it keeps getting better :'O XD

    • I KNOWWWWW *pets fondly* But I actually haven’t seen any other editions?? Like I just googled UK edition and the same cover came up. JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT BOOK IS PERFECT, OKAY?! I don’t know, I like the books, but I don’t *love* them. I still want to collect all of them, though, because then I can resell them later and make a profit, lol. 😀 Plus all the covers are sooooooo pretty. And, um, I liked Throne of Glass better than Crown of Midnight?? Oops?? I don’t know. Heir of Fire is still soooooooo expensive in the US, but I might buy a UK paperback edition from the Book Depository or something. *shrugs*

  4. A Tale of Two Cities is great! It’s a little confusing at first, but once you get to know all of the characters better it’s a really brilliant story. I love the way Dickens writes- there’s something about it that draws me in every time! Happy reading!

    • I KNOW. I’m terrible at reading classics, though. I always forget they exist, so I end up reading like three books in between start and finish. I do love Dickens, he’s one of my favorite classic authors. And I loved Great Expectations, although a lot of people in my class hated it. But Pip was awful. I’m hoping Sydney Carton turns out better, but who knows, he’s an alcoholic. And Dickens apparently has an affinity for writing characters I hate and love at the same time. Thanks for commenting! 😀

    • THE STRUGGLE. I feel. Quite honestly I’ll get through all my review books and then forget to review them, which is horribly improper. And then I’ll have to re-read them. I actually quite enjoyed ATBP, so I’m looking forward to posting my review! 😀

  5. I’m currently reading Since You’ve Been Gone and really enjoying it! Osvaldo have had Delirium on my shelf forever and should probably read it. It was free and the synopsis is a little meh for me, but you make me want to give it the benefit of the doubt now.

    • Since You’ve Been Gone is one of my favorite contemporaries of ever, although I have to admit that I like Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour better in terms of Matson’s writing. Yeah, the concept sort of intrigued me and I’d probably never read a book like that, or any romance, for that matter, by choice, normally, but I somehow ended up reading, and quite liking, Delirium.

    • Lol! My library card expired and it costs money to get a new one. Soooooo I have to wait. 😀 Also, I’m terrible at returning books. I end up getting attached to them and then sometimes I lose them on my shelf and end up buying them anyway. Oops. 🙂

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