What Do You Mean I’ve Been Blogging for Two Years?!

Well, today is apparently my second blogoversary with Books and Bark! That snuck up on me. FAST.


But I still can’t believe that I’ve been blogging (consistently) on Books and Bark for TWO WHOLE YEARS! Isn’t that crazy?? MY BABY IS OLD NOW.

To get all sappy on you: I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this blog. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t read so much for enjoyment. Before I really started writing on Books and Bark and connecting with my fellow bloggers and SEEING TORTUROUS PHOTOGRAPHS OF ALL THE PRETTY BOOKS, I hadn’t been reading that much, and was mostly focused on school. I mean, I still mostly focus on school, but reading is what keeps me sane. It’s what I turn to after a particularly stressful week (or sometimes weekend) and need a bit of comfort. Sure, I don’t let myself read on weekdays, but it’s still a nice feeling to know that my books are there and I’m interested in reading them. AHEM. That rambled off pretty quickly.

So, to recap what’s happened in the past YEAR since it was last my blog-o-versary


I mean, yes, I did post my first post on August fourth, but I think August third counts as my actual, true blog-o-versary.



So I think this is pretty important. I want my blog design to reflect who I am, and I think my old design just wasn’t working for me. I wanted something cleaner and older and more sophisticated, so I think this really works a lot better. I mean, I changed it from

so I think my taste (not to mention my graphic design skills) really improved.


“Um,” you say, chewing on your nails as you look around for the exit (as I am clearly not sane), “why is this a good thing?”

Well, I shall tell you. First off, I actually studied this year. I am really proud of how my study skills improved from the previous school year to this past one. Secondly (because there oddly is no such thing as “second off”), I’m proud of my ability to think. I actually began this achievement by saying I had written a novel, but then I went through my post archives and realized I… hadn’t? I finished my novel over a year ago. And I haven’t edited it or written another one since. And although that is sort of discouraging (I mean, writing always gives me this awesome sense of accomplishment), I kind of like the feeling. I can not write a novel and… not go crazy. GOOD TO KNOW. But seriously. I like it. The fact that I am taking my time before I finish my next one. And that I’m not sharing the process with you. Which might seem incredibly selfish (or maybe you don’t want to hear about it at all, I don’t know), but I mean, I’m still referring to it as SSP–Super Secret Project–and I don’t really know what it is yet myself. I think the fact that I didn’t write a novel and haven’t really been writing one tells me that I’ve matured a little from a writing standpoint. I’m taking my time, and not rushing into writing, like I’ve always done before. And maturing is always a good thing.


Last year, my posts were either sparse, or so densely packed you could hardly squeeze by them. This year, I got better at planning my posts, and writing consistently (around five or six a month), and then cutting down when I had too much homework, or AP testing, or finals. Which is great. Like number three, this is another sign of good progress! And since I’m going to be having more classes than ever next year, rationing my blogging time is going to be more important than ever.


Well, this one sort of goes along with the previous one, but… I think I’m happier when I write posts now. Blogging sometimes seems like a chore, so it’s really important to me that my blogging isn’t like that. I really love writing, and I released some posts I was really passionate about and really loved writing! So yay.

So, that sort of turned more into a what-I-learned-this-past-year. But it was fun to write and reflect on! Even if it wasn’t as planned out as last year.

I wrote a lot of fun posts this year, though, truly.

My favorites to write were

I REALLY LOVED writing that last one. I also started linking up with Top Ten Tuesday this year (although I won’t be linking up tomorrow, August 4th, because BLOG-O-VERSARY). I also got more into writing about diversity and women’s rights and I want to keep doing that. OH, and did I mention I got an Instagram?


I jest, I jest. I just… happened to buy myself a lot of books/get myself a lot of books for review recently?? So now they count as blogaversary presents to me. From myself. SHHHHHHH. I know. I am a hermit. I have no friends. I am proud of my friendlessness.


But what say you that I shall give you pie?? Pie is good, no?



Well, this was sort of an impromptu post written with all the smatterings of things I had in my head. So I didn’t have anything really planned. BUT NOW THIS WEEK IS OFFICIALLY DESIGNATED ONE OF JOYOUS BOOKISH CELEBRATION. What would you like to see on the blog? Giveaways? Downloadable things? Blog design help? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. Tell me!

22 responses to “What Do You Mean I’ve Been Blogging for Two Years?!

        • Lol, I forget my blogoversary every year! It’s only the fact that I happen to log into WordPress and they notify me that I remember. Hmmmmmm, a giveaway. I want to do one but WHAT SHALL I GIVE AWAY?? And shipping costs. Oh my poor soul. Shipping costs. I’d probably only be able to ship to a specific region of the US.

  1. OMG I HAVE AN IDEA. You should do like a week of blog tutorials and help, considering that your blog is so old and grown-up *tear* – you’ve probably got lots of experience under your belt. You could do things like ‘How to
    Stay Motivated’, ‘How to Give Good Content Consistently’, ‘How to Gain a Following’, etc.

    I don’t know about other people, but I would love to see something like that!
    p.s congratulations! You most definitely deserve it 🙂

    • Hahahahaha, I don’t know how many people would actually want my advice, though, considering that, two years is a lot less time to have run a blog than most people I follow. But maybe I’ll write a post or two on subjects such as those, just to see if anyone’s interested!

      p.s. I am a leeeettttlleee confused here. What are you congratulating me on? The pie? The badge? CONFUSION ALERT. BEEP BEEP BEEP. (No worries on your part, this happens to me a lot.)

    • OH, also, for some reason it didn’t link to your blog when you commented?? Or display your name or put in your email?? I’ve updated your comment information from the previous comments you’ve posted, assuming that you’re the same Meghna that has been commenting on my blog. 🙂

      • Yeah I know I checked back and it didn’t even spell my name right + it doesn’t have my profile picture or link back to my blog AND I didn’t get a notification when you commented back… maybe this comment will work.

        HAHAHAHA I meant congratulations on your second blogoversary 🙂 but congrats on the pie and the badge, too!


        • Oh whoops, I think the name might’ve been a spelling error on my part, I’m so sorry! I had to manually enter in some things (it originally had you as Anonymous and I apparently I can’t read OR spell) but I can fix all that stuff (except the avatar, for some reason). IT WORKED MIRACULOUSLY LET US CELEBRATE AND HAVE PIE.

          Why thank you for your congratulations *bows and shoves some more pie at you*

  2. Happy Blogoversary!!! Sounds like you’ve had a great year! Your blog is so fun…I hope you have many more years to come. 🙂
    I just happen to be celebrating my blog’s first year anniversary (I mean, blogoversary) and I mentioned you in the post. https://invisibleworldd.wordpress.com/2015/08/08/has-it-been-a-year-already/
    I’m highlighting some of the best comments I’ve received over the past year and yours was one of them. 🙂 Just thought you might want to check it out. Thanks for the awesome comments and I hope you have another great year of blogging!

  3. SAY WHAAAAAT? Two years 0.0 This baby blog has grown up into a walking big blog and I feel compelled to wipe away tears of bookish joy. Because hey, TWO FRICKIN’ YEARS. Congrats, Sabri ❤ *eats the cake*

    • I KNOW. *sniffles and offers you a box of tissues before we both dissolve into tears* Thank you so much for sticking around and commenting and sobbing over fictional characters with me. This blog really wouldn’t be here without my fantabulous readers who put up with my fantastical nonsense. *gives you apple pie, because unfortunately, we do not have any cake due to my odd taste buds that only eat apple pie and apples*

  4. Pingback: August 2015: FOCUS ON FOLLOWERS | Princessica of Books·

    • Thank you! You can look at the review request page, but please read the review policy first and make sure your book fits into the guidelines; one thing that’s not in there (but should be, quite frankly) is that I no longer accept romance books of any genre.

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