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I’ve missed you, my little barklings (yes, I have finally come up with a name for you lovely creatures)! I really have! But school has kept me so very busy and I’m afraid I haven’t had much time to update my blogverse and learn about yours. But never fear. I’ve had a stroke of utter genius and created Bookish Barkings, which will (hopefully) be a new weekly feature, much like Cait @ Paper Fury’s “Weekly Fury” and Emily @ Loony Literate’s “It’s A Loony Life.”

UntitledIt’s the third week of school already! I was clicking though my post archives from last year and noticed I’d kept up blogging a whole lot better during the school year… and kept up reading better (but we’ll get to that). This year I’ve got harder classes, so less blogging/reading, but I’m hoping to still sneak a peek at your little beautiful blogs once in a while!

Oh! I need your feedback! Should I create a little page of “blogs I love”?? But if I did that would you mind having the review policy under book reviews? AND ALSO THE FONT I AM SO CONFUZZLED. Does it look good now?? GAH so many choices.


  • I didn’t really read anything this week, but I got my paws on The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, finally! I’ve heard such good things about this one, and it’s mine to keep from the library for 21 whole days. (GIVE ME ALL THE STIEFVATER, SO MANY GOOD THINGS ABOUT ALL THE STIEFVATER.) OH and I also checked out I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak while I was at it, because why not even if I get no time to read?
  • I’m currently reading Les Aventures du Petit Nicholas and Les Trois Mosquetaires for French class, as those of you who stalk me on Twitter know. They’re the first whole, “real” books I’m reading in French!


I didn’t do anything creative this week, although I DID take a couple pictures of the stuff I’m reading. Click to view the whole image and my odd captions.

ALSO I discovered the Great and Wonderful Cœur de Pirate because of French class and a French exchange student! She’s this amazing French singer who you should listen to because I don’t understand what she’s singing about but it’s PRETTYYYYYY.


… Et j’écoute Cœur de Pirate pour mon cours de française aussi! (Click on the picture to listen to Crier tout bas)


  • I’m an INTJ! Which means I am the ultimate supervillian! I’m taking AP Psychology in school this year, and GUESS WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING WE STUDIED?! (It’s not the MBTI for sure.) I’m introverted-inuitive-thinking-judging. Which means I have NO EMOTIONS and have the ideal personality for COMPLETE WORLD DOMINATION, muahaha. *cackles*
  • So basically, this week I studied, and found my studying fun. Not much else, I guess.


I remembered that Twitter existed!

… And basically forgot about everything else. My Instagram hasn’t changed for WEEKS. (But that shouldn’t stop y’all from following @booksandbark! *insert shameless self-promotion*)

I blogged twice this week, and both times on the weekends! So sadness for the timing, because it was UTTERLY awful, but yay for posts! (Click on the images to read the posts!)

untitled-5-e1439830912307 Untitled

What happened to you this week? And now for the most important question: do you, too, like Cœur de Pirate?

11 responses to “Bookish Barkings // A New Feature Because School

  1. Ohh, I like your new weekly recap title! 😀 Fits SO WELL. And hhhhh I AM AN INTJ TOO. So clearly our evil genius villainous-ness will someday clash and we’ll have a war that destroys half the universe, but, whatever *shrugs* An INTJ has to do, what an INTJ has to do. *nods*
    Good luck with all things school and I hope it doesn’t swallow you too much!! in Australia, everyone is about to go on school holidays (huzzzah!!) so hopefully I’ll see my sister’s face around more often. hehe.

    • Thank you kind sir/madam (because we don’t discriminate based on personal pronouns here). YES FOR THE INTJ POWER. You seem like a very nice person, but sadly our war is pending. I mean, obviously I’ll win said war, but *shrugs* you know. An INTJ must plot if she is to survive.
      Thank you! I am an odd creature that enjoys school, but I do miss my blogging so I’ll try to keep myself around. AH YES, have fun with the holidays! I always seem to forget that the seasons and such are flipped around in Australia. Silly me.

  2. I love the title! Such a great idea. Hmm….so you have the personality of a super villain…does this mean that your blog is a ruse for the world domination plan you’re working on? 😉

  3. Oooh! I hope you’re having a good time in school so far and that your teachers are all great and that you have some friends in all your classes. And ah – there are so many people who are INTJs – haha! Thanks for sharing this and, as always, fabulous recap! ❤

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