Dear Mr. Moffat, Series 8 Edition

The TARDIS will be landing again in just a few short days! To celebrate this momentous occassion, I thought I’d share a post with you that I wrote just after Doctor Who Series 8 ended (you are henceforth invited to oggle with me at my fabulously composed mini-reviews in the form of letters).

Ep1: “Deep Breath”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
I am rather proud. Seeing as I could barely stand last season, this season is much better! Clara actually got characterization, which makes me very happy inside. Not your best work, but I enjoyed it. It was worth the eight months’ weight and forcing rounding up the hens my family to watch it with me. 
Oh, and the Madame de Pompadour reference from Series 2? Epic. (Even though that wasn’t your best work either. Come on, Moffat. Ten’s better than that.) It did not help that nobody from my family except me remembered that episode and realized the reference.
Thank you for the characterization,

Ep2: “Into the Dalek”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
I am still a bit skeptical about Journey Blue. There was so much depth about what it means to be a soldier, and you… well, let’s just say you didn’t really do it. Sorry, but it’s the truth. I’m not quite sure if you were expecting fan mail or anything, but yeah, these are mini-reviews, so no.
But anywho (get the reference? AnyWHO?), I really enjoyed the parallels with Series 1. I LOVE this return to RTD-era Who, because 9 and 10 were my favorite Doctors with my favorite stories (sorry to disappoint you, but again: not fan mail). I liked the idea of Clara teaching the Doctor. You’re really beginning to add depth to the whole “schoolteacher” thing!
Really loving the episodes,

Ep3: “Robot of Sherwood”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
Robin Hood? I must admit I was gearing up for something quite different, considering it’s, well… you. But you pulled it off quite nicely! Did I ever tell you that I first started enjoying Doctor Who because of its cheesiness? Well, yes, I did. And the cheesiness was abundant in this episode. 
And the ending was nice, good old bad sci-fi Doctor Who. It reminded me of Nine’s days somewhat; fantastic, as he would say, characterization, with iffy plot lines. But giving me the feels nonetheless.
Thanks for all the cheese,

Ep4: “Listen”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
I am lamenting. Much, much lamenting going on in Books & Bark-ville today. So much potential for this episode! So many great ideas! And yet, the cheese did not even come out in it. 
You see, Mr. Moffat, it was all a bit jumpy. It felt like a three-parter squished into one because you needed it to be. I am not buying the stuff with Orson Pink, because I don’t believe that Danny will be the one Clara marries and has kids with and blah blah blah. So please, Moffat. Don’t do this. I really loved the slight exploration into the Doctor’s past (loved the ideology of his fears!), but there was so much more potential there!
And a companion finally being able to fly the TARDIS? You just undermined Rose saving the world in Series 1. Not okay, Moffat. Not okay.
Much Lamenting,

Ep5: “Time Heist”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
I have very much gotten to the point where I cringe at the mention of Series 8. It was so disconnected, and not at all with the high-stakes adventure feel I see you tried to give it. I’m considering having to stop watching the show to preserve my good thoughts about it. 
Mostly, I did not appreciate the way Clara was treated. Any other companion would never let someone else sacrifice themselves for them. It was so damsel-in-distressy, I can’t bear it. And the whole thing with Ms. Delphox and the-Doctor-putting-the-Doctor-on-the-mission seems too Series 6. I don’t like paradoxes in my T.V. shows.
I may be writing my letter of resignation soon,

Ep8: “Mummy on the Orient Express”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
I regret to inform you that I have now lost confidence in Doctor Who. Due to unfortunate “circumstances,” I could not find the time to watch this episode.
Yours busily,

Ep10: “In the Forest of the Night”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
I must inform you that I found “Flatline” to be largely rubbish and containing little to no appeal. Therefore, I must hand in my official resignation, and abstain from watching this next installment. 
No longer yours,

Ep11: “Dark Water”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
Luckily for you, I signed up to review this episode with my good friend Engie. Otherwise, you might not be receiving this letter. Therefore, I must direct you here for more of my thoughts. Be warned that I was slightly asleep and therefore much nicer than I would be in real life.

Ep12: “Death in Heaven”

Dear Mr. Moffat,
I am not a person of very much religion, but what if I was? Also, it is not okay for you to undermine all the character sacrifices in “Age of Steel.” (C’est pas permis!) If I could direct your attention here for my more comprehensible thoughts, that would be wonderful.
However, I must sadly prepare to send in my letter of Whovian resignation. I gave you two seasons to redeem yourself in my eyes, but woe, you did not manage to. I will still be watching series nine, but with much apprehension. It is with much regret that I inform you that you are on probation. You have until September 19th, 2015. I will notify you then of whether I will, truly, be sending in my resignation for good. We shall then finalize a date, I suppose, on which I shall take my leave from the TARDIS. I was hoping it would not come to this, Mr. Moffat, but I suppose it has.

Well, series 8 was not my favorite, to say the least… BUT I’m excited for series 9! Are who you?

8 responses to “Dear Mr. Moffat, Series 8 Edition

  1. Yeah, Series 8 was a real stinker. I think I recall liking the Robin Hood one. Maybe it’s worth re-watching before Season 9 begins. But I’m not sure anyone in my family is very interested or excited with the coming new season. Moffat blew it. I don’t blame Capaldi, I found him interesting, but the stories were just awful.

    I do want to see Maisie Williams in an episode, but I hope the plot is good.

    • To be very perfectly honest, I’m not too excited for Moffat’s new series, either. Beyond his blowing it with series 8, I think he should step down just for the sake of tradition; Davies was showrunner for four series, so he should be, too. I loved both Capaldi’s and Coleman’s acting in series 8, and I definitely don’t blame them at all for how the series turned out.

      Hm, I’ve never seen Maisie Williams act before, so I don’t know what to think! I know everyone’s excited for her, but I’m not quite sure why. Or maybe I HAVE seen her act. I’m not quite sure. I don’t really pay attention to actors/actresses in the things I watch. I should probably start doing so.

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  3. Oh god yes I was NOT a fan of season 8. It started pretty promising, but I lost motivation throughout the season. Which is happening AGAIN this time. I really enjoyed the first two episodes, the next two were okay too. Then the first one with Maisie Williams? Meh. And I haven’t seen an episode since. Can Moffat resign already *sigh*

    • SAME. Well, sort of. So I watched the first two episodes and then I stopped. I have such a busy life I don’t have time for more than 1 or 2 episodes of TV per week, and I just couldn’t get excited about Doctor Who being my TV time of the week. So I switched over to murder mystery/cop shows and I haven’t looked back. I’m a bad Whovian, I know. But yes. Seriously, I want to care about this show again (preferably with a different writer writing it)!

      • I used to love this show so much so I do want to watch the rest of the season, but I’m just not motivated AT ALL. There are so many other things I’d rather do. I want to care about it again as well, but I doubt I will as long as Moffat is writing it :/ (apparently he’s staying at least until season 10- ugh. Let’s hope he quits after that)

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