On Not Having Done NaNoWriMo

on not having done nanowrimo

This year was my first year since finding out about NaNoWriMo that I haven’t done it. And it’s an odd feeling. Most of what I wanted to say in this post I think Nevillegirl @ Musings From Neville’s Navel already covered in her own similar post about not doing NaNoWriMo (we seem to have had the same idea, funnily enough), so I was debating about whether or not to write this post, but, well, who cares? I seem to be writing it anyway.

  • December seems to have happened awfully fast! I realized the other day just how fast finals were coming up and they seemed awfully soon. Wasn’t it just September? Although it may have something to do with my internal clock being a bit different from last year’s. Last year, every day seemed like a year and this year, every day seems like 1/2 an hour, at the speed at which I do homework.
  • I didn’t write anything at all. I’m still kind of sad about this. Even if it was nowhere close to my best work, I loved the act of creating something new every November. And I didn’t get that this year, and due to my crazy self being insane, my homework and studying and tests kept me from writing anything at all. My brain has been just as good at coming up with ideas as ever, but these days, I seem to like to nap in my free time instead of write.
  • I really miss writing, reading, and blogging. Last year and especially the year before, writing didn’t seem like it was a huge part of my life, and reading and blogging didn’t, either. I mean, I haven’t read as much as I have in the past since entering high school (freshman year I didn’t read anything at all, and sophomore year I read one book a week), but at this point I’ve been reading the same book since mid-October. MID-OCTOBER. I guess it’s true, that you don’t realize how lucky you are to have something until it’s gone.
  • I’m kind of glad I’ve done NaNoWriMo every year leading up to my junior year. Staying up to write every year used to be my FAVORITE thing about NaNoWriMo. I’d beat out the most words at 1 or 2 am, and then learn to go on just a few hours of sleep the next morning. This year, I’m up till 1 or 2 am doing homework, and then I have to study for tests and go to school at 8 and GAH. I’m just really glad I’ve had some prior experience with almost all-nighters.
  • All being said and done, even if not doing NaNoWriMo meant that I did better in my classes and slept probably at earlier hours, I really do miss having done NaNoWriMo. I’m not quite sure if the feeling is regret yet, but it is definitely not thanks or happiness or relief. NaNoWriMo in past years has been my heart and soul and lifeblood of writing. It forced me to have some fun and create some things. Not doing NaNoWriMo and not reading at the same time has been a kind of torture, in some ways, but I still do not regret taking the classes I decided to take this year. It’s just that writing and reading have always been a big part of my life, and that they are not anymore is kind of difficult to adjust to.

All being said and done, I missed doing NaNoWriMo, but I can’t imagine having done NaNoWriMo, either. Weekends I have about an hour or so to write blog posts, and the rest of my time is spent: (1) sleeping, (2) homeworking, (3) studying, (4) eating, or (5) complaining about my life (it’s not a bad thing, complaining is actually my favorite hobby). Will I do NaNoWriMo in the future? I don’t know. I hope I do do it again, at least once. I missed NaNoWriMo, yes, but moreover, I missed writing. I wonder how I’d feel if I’d written without NaNoWriMo. We’ll have next year to see, I guess.

Did you participate in NaNoWriMo? What were your thoughts on (not) doing it?

16 responses to “On Not Having Done NaNoWriMo

  1. I did NaNo this year, but I didn’t write the traditional novel. I turned what I wrote into a choose your own adventure game I’m going to do on my blog. It made things more relaxed because I had the luxury of writing the same scene more than once and still have it count towards my word count. Also, it was nice to know that not every scene would be read, depending on what everyone chooses for my character to do.
    I know what you mean about that emptiness that comes from not writing. It’s like there’s this space inside of me that is only filled when I’ve written and if I go long periods of time without writing, I feel like I’m off balance or something.
    I hope you get to do NaNo next year!

    • Exactly, I never know quite how to feel when I’m not writing, although I do tend to make up stories and narrate life events in my head to keep myself from going completely crazy. *places your blog on my long list of places to run to during break*

      • Yes! I am always make up stories in my head, whether I’m writing or not. And I seem to do more of it when I haven’t written in a little while. Like my mind is trying to make up for the lack of stories in my life. 🙂
        Yay! I’m so glad my blog has made it on your list. 😉

  2. I did not do NaNoWriMo this year, But I haven’t done NaNoWriMo before. (I did Camp NaNoWriMo this summer.) I do like creating things, but I feel rushed during NaNoWriMo. I like word vomiting when I have inspiration, not at a random month of the year. I was also able to put more work into my blog than I would have if I did NaNoWriMo. I feel like I have a more balanced lifestyle when I don’t do NaNoWriMo.

    • Whoops, sorry I missed your comment! I get what you mean, as for me it gets a lot easier to at least publish a couple posts and also juggle school better when I don’t do NaNoWriMo.

  3. I did NaNo! But I’m really lucky and could rearrange my work schedule so I could focus solely on writing for a few days. I don’t think I’d eeever survive it if I was tackling school as well. *gulps* I really like the whole community spirit of NaNo and all the complaining (YES IT IS FUN) about how hard it is on twitter. XD

    • I love the NaNoWriMo community, but because most of my friends are high school/college age now most of us haven’t been doing it these past few years. Complaining is probably my #1 favorite hobby, even more than chocolating and gulping down spicy snacks.

  4. I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year – because school, honestly. November always feels like a hectic month with the semester almost wrapping up and midterms happening. I love what I have read of NaNoWriMo, though, and it’s definitely something I want to be involved in soon just for the sake of the writing community that always seems to form around that time.

    • Yeah, quite honestly school is the reason I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year either. I usually love it, but in past years its allure has been diminishing, and well, this year it just didn’t seem worth my time. BUT OMG HAVE YOU NEVER DONE IT?? I would so definitely recommend NaNo just for kicks, because you’ll never know if you’ll like it! I introduced a blog buddy to it a while ago, and now she loves it and does it every year. Others, like me, have sort of started to drop off. I don’t know. I guess it depends on where you are and what you’re doing, but I think every writer should at least try it.

      • I know! I’ll definitely try it next year (for real this time!) just to see how school/writing/everything else can balance. It’s so much easier to say we’ll have more time to write after school, but even then after school there comes a job and other obligations – so there’s never really “more time”.

  5. I’m back again! 🙂
    I just thought I’d swing by and let you know that I tagged you in my “getting to know you” challenge. You are one blogger I would definitely want to get to know more (I know, we’ve known each other for awhile now, but this will be fun!). You are such a super sweet person and I think your answers will be interesting! Here’s the link if you want to check it out https://invisibleworldd.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/challenge-who-are-you/

        • I actually, um, enjoy doing some of my homework? I don’t know, if I’m not writing, reading, volunteering, playing the clarinet, walking the dog, or watching TV I seem to revert to doing homework, it’s apparently fun for me.

          • Well that’s good. If you have to do it, it’s better to enjoy it. 🙂 For me, it depends on what subject it is. Sometimes I feel like too much homework is stifling…like there are so many more creative things that I could be doing.

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