Thinking Paper


There are a thousand different ways to write a novel, or any other piece of fiction, and I want to try every one of them until I find the one that works for me. I think I still haven’t found it.

One thing that recently struck me was the lack of use of paper in my writing process. Normally, my entire process takes place between my mind, my poor carpel-tunnelled wrist, and my wonderful laptop that has about a trillion word documents on it already. But would my writing process change if I used paper?

I am currently at a crossroads. I have my ideas and I know what I want to write, but if it’s not perfect enough, then it’s not worth writing it at all. I’ve tried a million times, starting, and restarting, and hitting my poor delete key so many times I think I might need a new one for Christmas.

And then I thought, Would I be able to write this novel better on paperI’m not quite sure if paper will give me the sort of release I need from this needtobeperfectism, but I think it will make me think harder about the words I am writing and try harder to make them better. I don’t know if it’ll work, but at least it’s worth trying.

Of late, I have had trouble getting a blog post up or just out, so this will be short and sweet, I guess. Or maybe just short and rambly? I never feel like I have enough inspiration throughout winter break, or just generally when school is not in session, but I usually find energy (or the boredom) that forces me into writing posts. This year, I have way too much homework and way too much SAT prep work for that to happen, so I just wanted to let you guys all know that. I have a lot of thoughts on Donald Trump’s recent war against Muslims and J.K. Rowling’s response to the casting of a black Hermione in The Cursed Child, but I think those thoughts will have to wait.

Everything will come in due time. But first, let me finish my biology homework.

2 responses to “Thinking Paper

  1. I used to only write on paper, but I would never actually write a full sized novel, I would write about eighty handwritten pages, and then give up. I personally prefer writing on a laptop or computer, but I’ve heard that when you write by hand you think about what you are writing more.

    • Yes, that’s what I’ve heard, too, so I was thinking of giving it a shot. I sometimes feel like I’m just spewing out words that have no meaning when I type, and it’s really important to me that every word means something really special.

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