Un-American, Unconstitutional

This is the Executive Order issued by President Trump banning or making it more difficult for immigrants, refugees, and religious minorities to enter the United States. The scary thing about it is that he manages to persecute nonviolent, peaceful Muslims without ever naming the religion. It is implicit in the executive order that Muslims are more likely to be terrorists, when in fact essentially 100% of Muslims are opposed to ISIS and other terrorist groups, according to Pew Research Center. However, Section 10, “Transparency and Data Collection” seeks to spread misinformation about the number of terrorist and criminal activities committed by foreigners by only releasing statistics on crimes committed by “foreign nationals” and, implicitly, Muslims, without comparison to the number of criminal and terrorist activities committed by Americans and non-Muslims. The American Immigration Council found that only “1.6 percent of immigrant males age 18-39 are incarcerated, compared to 3.3 percent of the native-born.” The Executive Order perpetuates stereotypes about people of color, almost exclusively targeting immigrants from Middle Eastern or majority non-white countries, and blocking all refugees (yes, REFUGEES) from certain countries until President Trump sees fit. The citizens from the seven countries referred to in this executive order–Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen–are being targeted and torn apart by terrorism, not perpetuating it.

Thankfully, the ACLU has argued on behalf of immigrants by filing a class action lawsuit against President Trump and this Executive Order. But (even as the ACLU has won its lawsuit) it’s still important for Americans to realize that crime has no religion, no color, and no immigration status. Coming from a specific country or practicing a specific religion does not make you any more likely to commit a crime than the rest of us.

America is a country that was founded on the protection of all freedoms, especially the freedom to practice one’s religion. The Founding Fathers’ fathers and grandfathers were largely religious minorities from England, who immigrated to the New World in order to escape persecution. This Executive Order defies everything the United States was founded on and everything it is meant to be. Spread the word.

Know your rights. Stay up to date with all of President Trump’s Executive Orders on the White House website.

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