Why I Blog


This blog was never supposed to be a book blog, but somehow, it turned into one. Because of this, I know a majority of my readers are book nerds, who are looking for reviews and hype about ARC copies and snippets from my own stories. But I haven’t blogged about books (or writing, for that matter) for nearly a year, with the exception of my review of Invisible Man. And I apologize for that.

I want to blog about books, believe me, I truly do. But ever since Donald J. Trump entered the American political stage, I haven’t been able to. Because I can only write a certain number of hours a week. And I can only publish a certain number of posts a year. And those posts can often only be about one issue. And as much as I’d like to spend my free time writing about books, and reading them, and swapping opinions with my fellow readers, I no longer have as much time to do that as I have had in past years, before the 2016 Presidential campaign, and before Donald Trump was elected President.

The way I see it is this: I’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of effort building this blog over the past nearly four years. I have some readers who read the things I write now. And as a citizen of a country with free speech protections whose policies are on morally shaky ground, I have a duty to speak up about what I believe is wrong. About the hate and bigotry that fueled Donald Trump’s campaign. About the divisiveness this election has brought over our country. About the views of my generation. And about the actions President Trump has taken to restrict not only our civil rights but our civil liberties.

I know this stuff isn’t pleasant to read. It’s not about books and characters and happiness and it’s smudged across the cable television of every country. But I have the power to speak up. And I would feel wrong not doing so. In 2017, I want to aim more effort at writing fun, lighthearted, bookish posts than I did in 2016. At the same time, when something is morally wrong, I will speak up about it.

Since I submitted my college applications, I’ve had more time to read, too, though. And while the content of my blog will probably never again resemble what it did in 2015, when President Obama was in office and I was blissfully ignorant of politics, I hope to write more posts whose topics won’t wrench around painfully in your gut.

So bear with me, my fellow book nerds. The next four years are going to be hard, and sad, and my blog will reflect that. But hopefully I’ll be able to achieve a better balance of books and barking about Donald Trump in 2017.

Tell me your thoughts!

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