July, August, September

I recently realized that it’s been over two months since I’ve written for this blog(!!). That is possibly the longest I’ve ever gone without hitting the “Publish” button on Books and Bark for over four years, and I apologize for that. I’ve been up to a ton of new things, and I want to share that with you! So behold: an amalgamation of things I did in July, August, and September.



My July was actually quite boring. I spent a large part of it working, binge-watching Netflix, and exchanging sarcastic glances with my dog (she’s quite good at this). I also, however, started writing for one of my college’s online publications this July. My article–about which I won’t say much, because its content has nothing to do with most of the things I write about on this blog–required a bit of research (more than I’m accustomed to doing for my creative writing pieces), but it ended up being really fun to write! It was completed and published in mid-August, and because of that I didn’t really have a ton of time to write anything else.

I also read a few books, A Study in Charlotte being my favorite, and began watching Marvel movies for the first time (I know, I know). I also saw Wonder Woman earlier this year and didn’t quite like it (this review articulates why more clearly than I’ll ever be able to), so I think I’m decidedly on the Marvel side of the DC/Marvel debate.



This past August have been home to some pretty big changes. I moved to New York City (yes, the one all the way across the country from California) for college, and let me tell you, it was a BIG shift. Apparently people here stand “on” line?? (As if that were even possible.) Also, I’m working very hard to figure out the subway and the neighborhoods. Apparently there’s even more to the geographical layout of New York than its boroughs, and *real* New Yorkers know at least what neighborhood they happen to be in at any given point in time.

I grew up in a suburb, so I’ve been surrounded by trees and greenery and recycling my entire life (yes, California is full of tree-huggers and hippies, thank you very much for asking), so it’s been weird seeing all of these ancient buildings and carefully-sculpted parks and no squirrels anywhere!



Growing up, I always thought that at least part of my college experience would be like going to Hogwarts. Alas! Although I do love where I go to school, it’s probably one of the least Hogwarts-like colleges one could possibly go to. There are a lot of Harry Potter fans here, though!

This month has just been a lot of adjusting to school and classes and things like that. I’ve enjoyed most of the reading we’ve been doing for class. I’m writing more for several of my school’s publications. I’m doing my best at making new friends. Mostly, I’ve been trying to decide whether to watch Grace and Frankie or Parks and Recreation next, finding ways to eat at every possible moment, and generally figuring life out.

What’s your life like currently? Also (and most importantly), what should I watch next on Netflix?

5 responses to “July, August, September

  1. Good to hear from you again! It must be the time to take an unintended break from blogging because I just realized it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted.
    Sounds like your life is full of a lot of exciting adjustments recently. And getting to write an article for your college’s paper…what a fun experience!
    I wish there were a college that was like Hogwarts. Sign me up. 😛

    • Good to hear from you, too! Honestly, I feel like college has been an unintended break from blogging in a way. (Yay time management!) Writing for publications on campus has definitely been very rewarding!

  2. I know your pain! I always take unintended breaks from my blog during the semester in favor of test anxiety, non-stop deadlines, and smashing my face into overpriced textbooks. Congrats on writing for your school’s publications–that’s awesome! 😀

    • Thanks for commenting! As the semester’s gone on, I think I’ve gotten better at balancing my time, so hopefully there won’t be these giant gaps between posts (and comment replies) anymore!

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