5 Books I’ll Be Thinking of to Get Me Through Finals

It’s getting colder, holiday lights are coming up, and I’m scrolling through gift lists online, which can only mean one thing: finals are coming up. For me, a social science major, this inevitably means writing far too many essays and stressing over them until the last possible moment. Probably, I will (inadvisably) consume a lot of chocolate and binge a lot of Netflix in the process. Always, during this time, I get an insatiable itch to read for fun, probably because my brain knows it can’t handle any more reading and also because I have zero time for fun. So to get me through my last-ever exams of undergrad, I’ve put together a list of books that I can’t wait to read once finals are over.

THE SEARCHER by Tana French

So technically I already started reading this… but at the worst possible time (~1 week before finals!) so I fully expect not to finish this before school ends this year. (Although who knows, I may abdicate my responsibilities and just set aside a day to read this because Tana French!) This starts off slow, but Goodreads has rated it as one of her top books(!!) so I am very excited to finish this.


Everyone and their mothers loves this book, and it’s a literary whodunit (my favorite genre), so I figured I ought to give it a try. I actually tried to read this and got a couple of pages in before I gave up, so I’m not 100% convinced that I’m going to like it (historical fiction is not my thing), but it’s got a pretty cover and that new book smell so it’s currently more appealing than final papers.


I read the first chapter of this one before school started (see a trend here?) and Tartt’s prose is beautiful as ever, but it’s got a slow start. I must admit I’m a little wary of this one because it’s Tartt’s lowest-rated book, but after reading both The Goldfinch and The Secret History, I figure Tartt at her worst is still better than many authors at their best.


This is… an MG book, but my brain is going to be fried after 18 years of schooling, so bring on the chocolate-making I say!! (Also I’ve read this before and vaguely remember it being about a candy-based mystery so triple !!!) Plus, this is an excuse for me to crave chocolate and cookies and various types of candy. NEVER underestimate a book about the power of sugar.

THE GLASS HOTEL by Emily St. John Mandel

So if you follow me on Goodreads you might have noticed that I read this book… earlier this year. But it’s my standout book of 2020, and April feels about 10 years ago, and the hardcover is so pretty, and I just want to re-read it already. If you haven’t read this one and are a fan of literary mystery (see another trend here?), beautiful writing, or New York City, I would highly, highly recommend.

Whelp, it’s back to reality for me, I guess! But it was fun to think about books while it lasted and pretend that I’m going to dive right into this fantastic TBR. And if you have any tips on getting through finals (or literary mysteries I can fantasize about reading as I write my 30+ pages of essays), please send them my way!

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