by rating

What the Ratings Mean: 
5 = AWESOME! One of my favorites.
4 = Pretty good. I liked it. :)
3 = Average. Maybe it just wasn't my book.
2 = Severely lacking in plot. Probably has major plot holes.
1 = A truly awful book. Please don't read this. Save your money and your time.
Unrated = I wouldn't give this a star rating because of themes/content. Usually applicable to YA contemporary.
I call my ratings "wagging tails."

5 Stars5tails

Gracefully Grayson (Polonsky, Ami)

What’s Left of Me (Zhang, Kat)

The Secret Life of Dog Catchers (Zindler, Shirley)

Buzz Books 2014: Young Adult (Publisher’s Lunch)

Buzz Books 2015: Young Adult Fall/Winter (Publisher’s Lunch)

Buzz Books 2015: Young Adult Spring (Publisher’s Lunch)

Reindeer Dust (Dwyer, Kate)

The Fault in Our Stars (Green, John) — CONTAINS SPOILERS

Every Last Word (Stone, Tamara Ireland)

4.5 Stars


Invisible Man (Ellison, Ralph Waldo)

Cinder (Meyer, Marissa)

How Santa Met the E.L.F.s (Dasaro, Ben)

Since You’ve Been Gone (Matson, Morgan)

4 Stars


Great Expectations (Dickens, Charles)

A Wolf Called Romeo (Jans, Nick)

Fangirl (Rowell, Rainbow)

Wish You Weren’t (Petersen, Sherrie)

She Is Not Invisible (Sedgwick, Marcus)

Delirium (Oliver, Lauren)

Carry On (Rowell, Rainbow)

3.5 Stars


Afterworlds (Westerfeld, Scott)

The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances (Cooney, Ellen)

Earth & Sky (Crewe, Megan)

Illuminae (Kaufman, Amie and Kristoff, Jay)

The Minnow (Sweeney, Diana)

When Reason Breaks (Rodriguez, Cindy L)

All The Bright Places (Niven, Jennifer)

Inherit the Stars (Elwood, Tessa)

3 Stars


Some Fine Day (Ross, Kat)

The Innocent Assassins (Donyo, Pema)

The Merit Birds (Powell, Kelly)

Divergent (Roth, Veronica)

Paper Towns (Green, John)

The Fault in Our Stars (Green, John) — RE-REVIEW, no spoilers

In Search of Sam (Butcher, Kristin)

The Clouded Sky (Crewe, Megan)

The Stellow Project (Becker, Sheri)

The Assassin’s Blade (Maas, Sarah J)

Second Chance Summer (Matson, Morgan)

2.5 Stars


The Queen of the Tearling (Johansen, Erika)

The Program (Young, Suzanne)

We All Looked Up (Wallach, Tommy)

2 Stars


Day 21 (Morgan, Kass)

1.5 Stars


The 100 (Morgan, Kass)

Since You’ve Been Gone (Payne, Mary Jennifer)

Sarah’s Key (de Rosnay, Tatiana)

1 Star


Faelorehn (Johnson, Jenna Elizabeth)


Sometimes (for YA Contemporary novels) I don’t give the book a rating.

Thirteen Reasons Why (Asher, Jay)



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