my 2015 bucket list

  1. Finish editing The CyberWorld. For real.
  2. Read at least 50 books. (But not at the expense of your grades.)
  3. Review at least 25 books. (A low number, I’m shooting to exceed it.)
  4. Master the use of GIFs on your awesome blog.
  5. Write another novel. Or at least start writing one.
  6. Stop procrastinating. (Watch the whole GIF. You will not regret it.)
  7. Publish something else.
  8. Draft a query letter.
  9. Bake something by yourself (and don’t burn it).

    Mm, cookies!

  10. Read a Shakespeare book in your free time.
  11. Don’t worsen your carpel tunnel. (Ha. Like that’s going to happen.)
  12. Excercise on a (semi-)regular basis.
  13. Do something bad. (Not illegal: BAD. Like reading underneath the covers with a penlight.)
  14. Play a practical joke on someone. (My eighth grade history teacher actually told me to go and get a detention in high school. I have never gotten a detention.)
  15. Learn the natural order of things: School. Novel. THEN, and ONLY THEN, Blog.
Last Updated 12/30/15

4 responses to “my 2015 bucket list

  1. Woo! High fives for no detentions! My sister only has a year and a half left of school and still hasn’t got a detention…I kind of want to get one though, as part of the experience, you know? Nice bucket list!

    • *woot woot* Part of me wants to have it as an “experience,” but I’d never be able to work up the nerve to do something like that! Plus, I’d probably miss badminton practice, so, not worth it… 😛 Thanks! *hasn’t crossed off a single item yet*

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