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book-reviewI like to review books. If you’d like to contact me to review a book, you can check out my review policy.

So here they are, listed in alphabetical order by title. The author’s name is listed next to the book, last then first, like in a library (ex. Dickens, Charles). If the book has a “The” as the first word in the title, it will be listed alphabetically under the second word in the title (ex. The Great Gatsby will be cataloged under “G” for Great). I’ve reviewed multiple books by some authors, so just click on the author’s name if there’s a link, and it’ll take you to a whole page full of their books. Enjoy! 🙂


Afterworlds (Westerfeld, Scott)

The Alice Network (Quinn, Kate)

All The Bright Places (Niven, Jennifer)

The Assassin’s Blade (Maas, Sarah J)

A Study in Charlotte (Cavallaro, Brittany)


Buzz Books 2014: Young Adult (Publisher’s Lunch)

Buzz Books 2015: Young Adult Fall/Winter (Publisher’s Lunch)

Buzz Books 2015: Young Adult Spring (Publisher’s Lunch)


Cinder (Meyer, Marissa)

The Clouded Sky (Crewe, Megan)

Carry On (Rowell, Rainbow)


Day 21 (Morgan, Kass)

Divergent (Roth, Veronica)

Delirium (Oliver, Lauren)


Earth & Sky (Crewe, Megan)

Every Last Word (Stone, Tamara Ireland)


Faelorehn (Johnson, Jenna Elizabeth)

Fangirl (Rowell, Rainbow)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Rowling, J.K.)

The Fault in Our Stars (Green, John) — REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS

The Fault in Our Stars (Green, John) — RE-REVIEW, no spoilers


Gracefully Grayson (Polonsky, Ami)

Great Expectations (Dickens, Charles)


How Santa Met the E.L.F.s (Dasaro, Ben)


In Search of Sam (Butcher, Kristin)

The Innocent Assassins (Donyo, Pema)

Invisible Man (Ellison, Ralph Waldo)

Inherit the Stars (Elwood, Tessa)

Illuminae (Kaufman, Amie and Kristoff, Jay)


Medea (Euripides)

The Minnow (Sweeney, Diana)

The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances (Cooney, Ellen)

The Merit Birds (Powell, Kelly)

My Own Words (Ginsburg, Ruth Bader)


Need To Know (Cleveland, Karen)


Panic (Oliver, Lauren)

Paper Towns (Green, John)

The Program (Young, Suzanne)


The Queen of the Tearling (Johansen, Erika)


Reindeer Dust (Dwyer, Kate)

Rhinoceros (Ionesco, Eugène)


Sarah’s Key (de Rosnay, Tatiana)

Some Fine Day (Ross, Kat)

Second Chance Summer (Matson, Morgan)

She Is Not Invisible (Sedgwick, Marcus)

Since You’ve Been Gone (Payne, Mary Jennifer)

The Secret Life of Dog Catchers (Zindler, Shirley)

The Stellow Project (Becker, Sheri)


These Broken Stars (Kaufman, Amie)

The Things They Carried (O’Brien, Tim)

Thirteen Reasons Why (Asher, Jay)

The 100 (Morgan, Kass)


Wish You Weren’t (Petersen, Sherrie)

What’s Left of Me (Zhang, Kat)

We All Looked Up (Wallach, Tommy)

When Reason Breaks (Rodriguez, Cindy L)

A Wolf Called Romeo (Jans, Nick)


Upcoming Book Reviews

  • All The President’s Men by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
  • The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien
  • Need To Know by Karen Cleveland
  • The Alice Network by Kate Quinn


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