My Review Policy

If you’d like me to review your book, you can e-mail me at booksandbark[at]gmail[dot]com. I love to talk to authors, so if you’re interested, I would love to interview you.

I’m Willing to Accept…

  • Physical copies and e-books formatted for Kindle
  • ARCs and finished copies
  • YA and some adult fiction (books should be appropriate for teens 16 and under)
  • Both fiction and nonfiction

I’m NOT Willing to Accept…

  • Adult fiction inappropriate for teens
  • Books not in English (I only review in one language!)
  • Romance, whether it be YA or not
  • PDFs (these are just a hard format for me to read!)
  • Self-published books (exceptions apply, and I love some self-published books, but I’ve had a few negative experiences while reviewing and generally avoid these now)

In Return…

  • I’ll review your book and post a review on my blog
  • I’ll give my honest and constructive feedback
  • I’ll also post the review on my Goodreads account and my Instagram account
  • I will recommend your book to my friends, family, and blogging buddies if I like it!

Please Keep In Mind…

  • I review books at my own pace; if you’d like me to review your book by a specific date, please tell me
  • My book reviews are always honest. If it’s a low rating, it’s nothing personal: it just might not have been the right book for me!
  • My favorite genres are mystery, science fiction/fantasy, politics, and YA, and my favorite authors include Tana French, J.K. Rowling, and Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein.
  • I live in the United States of America
  • Reviews usually include a summary, rating, and my thoughts on the book
  • In my e-mail address, books has an “s” while bark doesn’t… it’s an easy mistake to make
I’m happy to review your books! I have received a handful of ARCs/review copies in the past, and I love reading and reviewing them. Thank you to all the wonderful authors & publishers who offer me copies.
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