Things That Go Woof

Meet my dog.

A fifty-five pound border collie and pit bull mix of pure…
uh, sleepiness.

Well, okay. Um. Yes. This is my dog. She’s rather cute. I like her a lot. I also annoy her a lot. She is frequently confused by me and my actions. We love each other. We also both love sleep. And, apparently, the color green. (No, actually I chose her collar for her.) Oh, and squirrels. We both like squirrels. And squirrel-watching. That will be all.

I JEST. There is more. For those of you boorish commoners who prefer ACTUAL CONTENT, I have supplied a short, er, formal description of the dog.

Three years ago we brought a small, scared, silly little Labrador mix into our family. Now, nearly two years later, we’ve found out she’s actually a six-year-old Border collie and pit bull mix.

My dog is a very confident, opinionated, and energetic six-year-old. She has these amazing chocolate-brown eyes and brownish-black fur, both of which you may be able to see in this picture.

She LOVES car rides, squirrels, and other objects. She’s a pampered child, but she’s had her share of hardship in her life.

Being a rescue dog, she was found on the road by train tracks as a 4-week-old puppy. She was luckily taken to the ASPCA. We plan to be her loving forever home, and she has forever inspired us to advocate for and help any and every pet in need.

5 responses to “Things That Go Woof

      • We have a great humane society – it’s at the edge of a large public open space and we were allowed to walk dogs as much as we wanted while considering which one to take home. They also let us walk the dogs (on a leash) through the cat room. Since I already had cats, it was important the dog get along. He’s a good dog 🙂

        • That’s wonderful! 😀 Our humane society is great, too. It even has a doggie play park, and when you adopt from them, a membership is included. Otherwise, your dogs have to take a temperament test before you can buy one 🙂

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