My NaNoWriMo


I’m an avid participant in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on during my time. You can visit me at my NaNoWriMo Profile, Camp NaNoWriMo Profile, and YWP NaNoWriMo Profile.

© Sabrina Wolfheart


Penneastrum Book Cover

Cover courtesy of Teen Ink

Genre: YA Fantasy

Synopsis: Lily Gonestar has always known she was… different. From the natural purple streaks to her hair to the fact that her parents kept the secret that she was adopted. Then she meets Talim, a strange, mysterious, and reclusive boy, and his sister, Jessie. Lily soon learns she has a sister, Cassandra, who is determined to bring about the forces of Evil into the world Lily loves.

Goal: 10,000 words ~ Word-count: 18,633 words

Years Worked On: YWP November 2011

Status: Finished, in need of revision, published on Teen Ink



Genre: YA Contemporary

Synopsis: Veronica has always lived in the shadow of her nerdy twin sister, Amie. But when their family relocates to a new high school, Veronica is determined to join the popular clique. However, she’s slowly learning the “popular girls” aren’t all they’re cut out to be.

Goal: 5,000 words ~ Word-count: 10,523 words

Years Worked On: YWP November 2012

Status: Unfinished, unplanned to resume


The CyberWorld

CyberWorld Book Cover-Genre: YA Science Fiction

Synopsis: An autocratical society arises at what would once have been the celebrated turn of the 31st century. At the base of this lies the boom of technology, invented by two mysterious and reclusive sisters.

Goal: 50,000 words ~ Final Word-count: 63,134

Years Worked On: YWP April 2012, April 2013, July 2013, November 2013, April 2014, July 2014

Status: Finished, now revising



Ideas and Excerpts © Sabrina Wolfheart & the Books and Bark blog


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