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NaNoWriMo 2014 Goal: Revise 50,000 words of The CyberWorld


Novel Title: The CyberWorld

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Type of Project: Novel (revising)

Novel Cover:


(no images belong to me; only design does)

Length Prior to NaNoWriMo 2014: 62,366 words

Intended Length: 65,000 – 70,000 words

Novel Synopsis:

An autocratic society arises at what would once have been the celebrated turn of the 31st century. At the base of this lies the boom of technology, invented by two mysterious and reclusive sisters.

Breeze DeIslandi has not seen her mother and sister in seven years. When the chance arises for her to escape, she takes it. Helped by a mysterious ally whose intentions are unclear, Breeze seeks to find her mother and sister and reunite her family. But the CyberWorld stands in the way; most notably, its Head Creator, Bellatris Dee.

Novel Excerpt:

It was this dark, cold, lonely metal prison of a place that gave birth to our fake world. Fake games to keep us intrigued; fake food to keep our bellies full; a fake money system to imitate what life had been like before. And then came Bellatris Dee.

She seized the throne, organized us into cells and tore our families apart. She kept her face away from the filthy scum of the Residents, the poor who could not afford a rise in status to become her royal servants, the Creators. But her presence was everywhere. She demanded to be known, respected, revered. And so she was.

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Synopsis, Ideas, and Novel Excerpts © Sabrina Wolfheart on & the Books and Bark blog


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